Best XML Sitemap Plugins for WordPress1.1

15 Best XML Sitemap Plugins for WordPress

Improving the visibility of website is one of the major concerns for the webmasters. It is very essential for the webmasters to install a sitemap plugin on their WordPress blog in order to generate the updated sitemap of website at regular intervals and inform the search engine about the regular updates on the blog. A

Essential Ingredients of Web Designing1.1

Essential Ingredients of Web Designing: Design Perfectly!

In this competitive world, online presence is very much essential in the successful growth of any business. The internet is spreading all over the world very rapidly and you can easily search any information you want on the internet. Therefore, a website is essential for every business. But designing a website is not enough for

Free Premium PSD Corporate Identity Pack

10 Free Premium PSD Corporate Identity Pack

  Corporate Identity (business cards, letterheads, envolopes, stmaps etc) is the trademark or brand image of an organization that represents the qualities and services to their clients and viewers by integrating fresh ideas and effective designing strategies perceptively. As Corporate Identity Design is the core of an organization, it can play a dominate role in imitating its competitors

Best Android Games (1)

Top 20 Best Android Games to Play: Gamer’s Zone!

The world of gaming is changing from time to time. The days had gone when games were limited in your mobile phones. Tetris clones and the game of snake were very much popular at that time. But the invention of smart phones totally changed the definition of gaming in gadgets. Nowadays, smart phones give a

20 Creative Examples of Vintage Typography in Logo Design

20 Creative Examples of Vintage Typography in Logo Design

Vintage means the “time of origin”; when talked in reference to wines it indicates “oldness of wines” or in general it belongs to something classic. Creativity has its own history and so does typography. Vintage Typography’s aim is to take the audience to the past, to the era where technology was not so advanced but