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  • 30 creative conceptual portraiture work by Joel Robinson

    conceptual portraiture

    Joel Robison is a young conceptual photographer from the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Joel is a guy love life with hobbies jogging, cycling and gastronomy. He often makes his ideas and then prepare the props needed to capture the most attractive photos. Joe started taking conceptual portraiture photos from about 7 years ago and […]

  • 50 Beautiful Small Tattoo Designs For Girls

    In today’s highly modernized and advanced world, where competition is really becoming very tough and reaching new heights. It becomes quite important to get a tattoo inked on any part of your body as it not only represents your social life, style, standard or identity, moreover it reflects your personality in a very significant way. […]

  • Extremely impressive body painting works

    body painting works Guido Daniele

    Unlike tattoos, body painting is temporary, which means that drawings will not stay forever on the skin and can be washed away. Therefore, body painting works are often unique and plentiful both in terms of ideas and presentation. Painters can combine the use of different colors as well as model’s posture to present their ideas or even use […]

  • Sexy Examples Of Over The Knee Boots

    When it comes to wearing boots, ankle boots are the ones which are most popular and preferred because of their edgy style and versatility but people who want to have a different and classy look prefer over-the-knee boots because they make the statement. These boots are amazing to cover up feminine dresses and they can […]

  • Ways to Wear Printed Maxi Dresses in Style

    Maxi dresses are something a lot of women love to wear. They have a beautiful look which you can wear in both casual and formal manner. Prints are always flattering when it comes to maxi dresses. If you are interested in wearing printed maxis the right way, then have a look at some of the […]

  • 5 Sites You Need to Bookmark for Logo Inspiration

    You may well be the most creative person in the world but there is nothing wrong with having a gander at some of the work other designers have made from time to time. A lot of work goes into the design of a logo so it’s important you spend the time having a look at […]

  • Types of belt Every Women Should Own

    With the advancement in fashion trends, belts are no longer used to hold your pants and shorts only. It is now used an accessory to make your outfit look amazing. If you choose the right belt with your outfit, it will not only help in accentuating your curves but will also make you look complete. […]

  • Stunning Kirigami work by Japanese artist Riu

    stunning kirigami work

    In the Japanese language, the “kiri” means “cut” and “gami” means “paper”. To make a Kirigami work, one piece of paper can be folded one or more times and cut through the layers of this paper. When you open the paper, you will get your desired shape is formed from the symmetrical cutting lines. Kirigami […]

  • How to Style a High Low Skirt outfits

    If you are never comfortable with a single type of skirt and you want something that covers everything in a single piece, then your first option should be to go for high low skirts. They are considered as the hybrid of midi, maxi and miniskirts. This skirt is also known as mullet skirt because it […]