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    Tips to master rain photography techniques

    rain photography techniques

    Despite being a device does not work well when contaminated water, but not so that missing great shots to be taken when it rains. To do that, the rain photography techniques below can be helpful to you:

    1. What to shoot when it rains?

    rain photography techniques

    Photography is the non limited creative, so you can take whatever you want. And the topic about rain also have a lot, from the rain drop, people rush to go home under the rain to the silences in the park, the reflecting of thing throw puddle … Of course you do not necessarily have to go completely under the rains to have beautiful photos. Instead you can stand from your house window or in the car and shooting through the glass window. Sometimes the light drifting raindrops on glass also create impressive effects. You can also record the scene shortly after the rain in the morning when everything was soaked and the water is present everywhere. As noted above, we can capture everything, so long as you see them beautiful.

    rain photography techniques

    2. Rain photography techniques

    Usually when the scene is wet due to rain will cause the colors are neutral, bring pale feeling for viewers. At this time, the sun is no longer so photos can be underexposed heavy with unexperienced photographers. But you just need to be confident and noticed a few technique below, the image will become much more amazing than you think:

    • Focus adjust: because there are so many drops of water obscure or blur the background , so if you need to capture a photo in such condition, you should set your camera to automatic mode. If you noticed this phenomenon, switch to hand adjusting focus mode to get sharp shots.
    • Adjust lighting: similar problems in adjusting focus, auto exposure mode on the camera will operate less accurate. Solutions offering is switch your camera to complete manual mode (Manual – M) to you proactively adjust lighting accordingly.
    • Tripod: water droplets or the scene is blurred in the rain was “charming”. But to shoot like that, you need to lower the shutter speed to low. This will entail very blurry image and should have the support of a tripod.
    • Use flash: pictures will light up if you know how to coordinate the natural rays from the Sun / street lighting and artificial light from the flash. Key secondary light sources will create an impressive focal point for photos.
    • Aperture: Want to capture every drop of rain falls, you should set large aperture (f / 4 or larger) and high speed. However, when you want to create a twinkling light, then closed the gate to the small (f / 10 or smaller) to take advantage of the light reflection effect.

    3. Protect your device

    Rain photography certainly need a way to protect the device very carefully. Ideally, your machine with water resistant coating or dedicated to a waterproof casing. However, the cost of this equipment is usually very high. Not every amateur photographer can afford that equipment. You can take advantage of everything you can to protect your device like using umbrella, raincoat, towels, … The selection of well-shielded angle is ideal. Always remember that you need to keep your camera as dry as possible and need to dehumidifiers immediately after shooting finished.

    rain photography techniques

    4. Some beautiful photos taken in the rain:

    rain photography techniques

    rain photography techniques

    rain photography techniques

    rain photography techniques

    rain photography techniques

    rain photography techniques

    rain photography techniques

    rain photography techniques




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    How to identify Good Design in 6 steps

    There are two parts to the question, being the first one the affirmation that design is subjective. Personally, I don’t think that’s a fair assessment of design but I understand where it’s coming from. People tend to mix design and art in the same bucket and the proprieties of one sometimes drip on top of the other.

    Art is subjective, it’s like a game where there are almost no rules. Design is different, and the fact that someone can put together a list of principles should already tell you that there are some rules to the design game.

    If there are rules, then we can tell whether or not these rules are being followed, which means that design is not subjective.

    However, to be fair, I can’t really say that design is 100% objective, there are always things that come down to personal preference that is determined by your culture and experiences.

    Now, this “tiny” level of subjectivity doesn’t mean that you can’t tell good design from bad, it just means that you might find a good design “ugly” or in the other side of the spectrum, you might find something that looks beautiful that actually is a pretty bad design. Let’s look at one example.

    1-M-fceksRhcjV1297oTWLNQ How to identify Good Design in 6 steps
    The famous Juicy Salif by Philippe Starck.

    I think almost all can agree that this is a beautiful piece of design but the million-dollar question is, does that make it a good design?

    1-D3qFMUOe_WSakAGhhAjePQ How to identify Good Design in 6 steps

    Why? Because it has so many functional problems that I won’t even bother to write them here (just go to amazon and read the reviews if you are interested and/or want to have a laugh, or read this), but in short, it doesn’t do a good job in the only thing that it’s supposed to do, help you to get that fresh juice.

    This to say that it’s possible for something to be “good looking” but still be a bad design. You just need to look beyond the looks, and to help you do that I devised a list of 6 “check points” that you can use to filter the good from the bad. There is a lot of nuance involved, so I’ll try to expand each of these check points.

    Based on the lemon squeezer, I think you can already guess the first one…

    1. Is the design effective?

    The need for design is usually driven by a problem that needs to be solved. It might be a website that needs to be easier to use, a product that needs to appeal to a certain audience or a new business that needs a logo, the problem can be literally anything.

    This is the first check point to diagnose whether or not a design is good. If it doesn’t solve the problem, you don’t need to go any further, it’s definitely not a good design. It doesn’t matter how good it looks if it doesn’t even accomplish the main purpose of its existence.

    I find this one of the main reasons why many designers get so frustrated with their clients/bosses. They tend to jump into “design mode” without fully understanding the problem and just try to make something cool, that will improve their portfolio. They forget that we’re not designing for us but for someone else, and we need to address their needs, not ours.

    In order for your design to be effective is crucial to understand and empathise with your client/user. Before you start designing, ask “Why?” until you really understand the true goal that your design needs to accomplish. Sometimes the client might think that they need one thing but after a few questions you’ll realise that they actually need something entirely different. This is the only way that you can be certain that you’re trying to solve the right problem.

    If your design is effective, you can move on to the next check point.

    2. Does it reflect the right tone?

    For you to be able to tell whether or not the tone is appropriate, first you’ll need to figure out two things, the brand and the audience.

    The brand

    The term “brand” is usually associated with businesses but it’s not limited to them, many things can have a brand, even you. Your brand is the perception that people have of you, the same applies to companies and pretty much everything else.

    Good design helps a company take control of their brand, and shape the public’s opinion to match how they want to be perceived.

    The audience

    A company usually has a target audience and it might vary from something broad to a very small niche. If you know how the company wants to be perceived and who the design is for, the remaining question is, what is appropriate for them?

    Generally speaking, the broader the audience the cleaner and more conventional the design needs to be, that’s why you see many companies losing part of their “soul” as they grow. This happens because certain design gimmicks that will work for small niches won’t stick with a larger audience, therefore the company “sacrifices” that to attract more people. On the other end of the spectrum, when your audience is smaller and very specific you can rely on those gimmicks to make the design attractive and engaging to them.

    A good example to understand this is to compare McDonald’s with your local burger joint. They basically sell the same thing, but they communicate in very distinct ways.

    1-r46YnY2a4llyRnPmbPXykw How to identify Good Design in 6 steps

    Your local burger joint usually capitalises on the latest trends in design that attract people who identify with that, like the funny illustrations you can see on Byron’s website. On the other hand, McDonalds communicates in a more conventional way to cover a more general public trying not to patronize or alienate anyone.

    1-msgxpnz_5CkCHWEBYpiHKA How to identify Good Design in 6 steps

    In short, to understand if a design passes this second check point, you just need to know what is the appropriate tone and if the design is successful in communicating it. If it is, then you’re one step closer to a good design.

    3. Does it stand the test of time?

    Good design is sensitive to time.

    Ideally, you’d want a design that is timeless, however, that is not always necessary or even advised. It really depends on what the design is trying to accomplish and its life span.

    If you’re designing a webpage for a product that will be replaced or updated in two years, for instance, it probably makes sense to take advantage of the trends of the year to get ahead. This will help your design seem contemporary, modern and relevant. However, you should try to stay ahead of the curve and see where the trends are going. There’s nothing worse than catching the wave too late, this will only make you look bad, like you’re trying to catch up rather than being the one setting the trend.

    In the other hand, if we’re talking about a logo that is supposed to last for years or decades, then yes, you should definitely avoid design fads that come with a short expiry date. If you look at well-known logo redesigns like the Starbucks logo, the trend is to make them simpler as time passes, thus the simpler you make it, the longer it will last.

    Starbucks How to identify Good Design in 6 steps
    Starbucks logo iterations from 1971, 1987, 1992, 2011

    With this in mind, to pass this check point, you just need to understand what’s the life span of the design you’re analysing and judge it accordingly.

    Is the design appropriate for it’s life span? If so, hang in there, there’re only three more check points to go.

    4. Is it frictionless?

    Friction is whatever is in the way of the person reading/using something. The more friction you add, the harder it is for them to get what they want from your design. Basically, friction is generated by things like text that is hard to read or a website that is difficult to use.

    1-T2N21mpIF7lBi7GoxIPV9w How to identify Good Design in 6 steps
    That moment when the text is too small.

    This might seem like an obvious mistake, but you would be surprised how many times designers end up sacrificing readability and usability to make their design “look better”.

    It’s important to measure the amount of information that you want to present very carefully. Avoid information overload, that will only add friction to your design. For that, you really have to understand what your viewer/user needs, and in a lot of cases, you even have to distill that information and make it digestible.

    “A wealth of information leads to a poverty of attention.”
    — Marty Neumeier

    If the design is well done, it will become invisible and people will easily find what they need. If it’s not, then you’re most likely staring at a bad design, because good design is frictionless.

    You’re close. There’s only two more things to consider.

    5 . Is it visually appealing?

    Back into subjectivity land. This is the part that most people like to focus on, and the part that generates more discussions and controversy. This happens because it can be subjective at times and it’s hard to agree on something when all we have are opinions.

    However, there is a way to break part of this subjectivity. You just need to learn the principles that make design visually appealing. These are the elements that you’ll find consistently across examples of good design.
    I wrote an overview about them in the post I referred in the beginning of this article, and will do a more thorough breakdown in the future.

    Besides learning the theory, you should also enrich your visual culture. You can do that simply by looking at design that is featured by the design community in websites and books. If you do that, you’ll start to see the patterns that keep reappearing in good design like well-balanced compositions, beautiful typography, precise alignments, delightful colour combinations and many other things.

    This should be enough to get you in a good path, nonetheless, in the end of the day, this check point will always be a bit subjective to go through, but since this is just one out of six, it shouldn’t disable you from distinguishing good design from bad. As I said in the beginning, good design is not always beautiful to everyone.

    The next check points is not only the check point but also the finishing line.

    6. 1+1=3?

    If the design passed the previous 5 check points, you have already a really good design in front of you, this check point is what takes it from good to extraordinary.

    To reveal if a design has more than the sum of its parts you just need to look closely. Essentially this is when a design goes beyond a combination of good typography and colours, it’s when there’s a brilliant idea that supports everything and takes it to a whole new level.

    1-8fL3sq5EMOouPP3R3H5k_w How to identify Good Design in 6 steps
    FedEx logo (1994)

    A simple yet perfect example of this is the FedEx logo, just take a close look at it. Between the E and the X you’ll notice a small arrow cleverly hidden in the negative space. This arrow is meant to symbolise the company’s accuracy and speed.

    This is what differentiate good from great designers. Good designers will rely on their technical skills and base their design on principles (a machine could learn that by the way), but great designers bring more to the equation. I think that this is what creativity really is.

    Final thoughts

    In a nutshell, good design has more than what meets the eye, it’s not only about how it looks, but a combination of a series of thoughtful decisions that are made with the end user/viewer in mind.


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    Traditional Chinese Ink Wash Translated into Tattoos by Chen Jie


    Chen Jie creates delicate “paintings” on skin. Here, the tattoo machine acts like a brush dipped in black ink, and Jie translates the subtly of this ancient artistic tradition. Her style, with its splashes of pigment, represents a modern form of ink wash paintings that adopts Western techniques. It’s fitting for the tattooing field, which is consistently innovating, refining, and fusing different styles and approaches.

    #black #blacktattoo #tattooartmagazine #blackart #tattoo #tattoos #ink #ink #blackink

    A post shared by chenjie.newtattoo (@chenjie.newtattoo) on

    #joker #tattoo #chinese #beijing #newtattoo #art #jokertattoo #tattooing #inkpainting

    A post shared by chenjie.newtattoo (@chenjie.newtattoo) on



    Images © Chen Jie.
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    40 Amazing Street Art from around the world

    street art

    No need to go to exhibitions or museums, you can find many extremely beautiful and unique artwork right on the street that you often come across everyday. The walls often become a place to show the idea of street artists. You can see that in the photo below, from the walls of the deserted building to a tunnel ceiling. That old buildings and structures with pale and lifeless colors have been renovated. The street artists have used their rich imagination to do that. Their creativity have brought a youthful and more dynamic color for the streets. However, in many cities, street art need to get permission from the city government to be implemented. Whether that has slightly hinder to our street artists but they have always tried their best to create a great work of arts.

    This article is a collection of many creative street artworks by various of artists from all over the world. Okay, no more beating around the bush, let our journey begin!

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art
    street art

    street art


    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art

    street art


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    Tips And Best Practices: How To Brand Yourself efficientlty?

    What is really similar to product labeling is creating a personal brand. Do you know how to brand yourself online and offline?

    The general goal would be to differentiate the product in the market in order to achieve your goals, either becoming a pop star or getting your dream job.

    Branding yourself is including defining your brand attributes or putting your brand in a distinctive path that your rivals and afterwards achieving all the aspects of your brand.

    as4 How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    When it comes to branding yourself, the biggest problem is the lack of good researches and strategies. As to avoid miss-steps and get to excite before even do your homework, find yourself some time to go through following steps first.

    How to brand yourself

    1. Define your general aspirations. Be precise and precisely determine your aims and goals. Do you want to become known as the greatest project director in a particular industry? Get the job of Creative Manager at a big broadcasting agency? Be a Vice President of Marketing?
    2. Organization analysis. What should you do as to be precisely where you really want to be managing your own branding purposes? Can you learn from someone else’s experiences, either that be good efforts or bad efforts? Do you know who really your greatest rivals are and what things they are doing as to brand themselves?
    3. Define your label qualities. What do you desire your own brand to achieve? What attributes do you want somebody to connect with your product and why? In what field of the market you desire to become recognized?
    4. Evaluate your contemporary state. How do individuals as of now recognize you? How big are the holes within the contemporary you and the personality you want people to recognize you to be? What must change and how?
    5. Build your game system. Your game system needs to incorporate more than simply branding in social media. It should incorporate all features of yourself, as a product. Building your system should incorporate the physical and immaterial characteristics of individual branding incorporating hair, attire, makeup, spoken and non-spoken information, behaviour etc.Your game system also requires to incorporate the particular social media features you’ll practice to achieve your new own brand (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) and whereby you will utilize each of the features to develop your brand.
    6. Maintain your brand. Proactively maintain all features of your label, assuring these features are in sync and they remain to strengthen your label qualities and market field.

    bizcardz How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    For instance, your LinkedIn photo should seem comparable to the real you, your Tweets and any other social media blog posts should remain inside your market field and your real behaviour needs to be illustrative of how you require others to recognize you.

    And in case that you’ve marked yourself in social media as an artistic fashion diva, be sure that stretches to how you proceed across in person.

    branding-shot How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    Don’t build an inconsistent brand by achieving diverse or competing qualities in different social media fields, like tweeting denying feelings about fashion at the Oscars and commenting on LinkedIn for your holiday when you’re attempting to brand your product and yourself as a sharp cross-functional plan team manager.

    Performing so will build readers uncertainty about who you really are and what you really do.

    Become a specialist on anything that compares to your industry.

    businesscards How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    Managers looking to earn media awareness, draw new customers and increase their companies should concentrate on growing an specialist in their area.

    Bypass building an expertise that’s unrelated to your mission, aims, and idea since you’ll be spending your time. If you have a record mark, it’s apparently not smart to brand yourself as a diet expert.

    Build a blog or website below your full name.

    FireShot-Capture-1749-Nik How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    The social media and your clients both practice research engines to find you, connect and maybe either do contracts with you or question you. That’s why you should buy your name as a domain name.

    FireShot-Capture-1750-Tom How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    By producing either a latent site or a blog below your domain name, you will have the first effect for your website name in Google search and different research engines. This needs to be a divide site than your organization’s website.

    FireShot-Capture-1751-Mar How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices


    After buying a domain name, attach your photo, a biography, info about the rest of your online appearance and your e-mail address (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter).

    In this way, customers can easily get in touch with you in their means of choosing. Buy a domain on your name before somebody else buys it.

    Discover how to be a great source.

    dribbble_shot How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    Research which media fields your visitors are reading, listening or watching, examine the samples of content they present and find the specific guard to pitch. Your publicist or you can likewise e-mail reporters and columnists in reply to one of theirs columns, with a sign that you are free to discuss in upcoming articles.

    When a reporter e-mails or requests you for a meeting, answer with speed since they always have deadlines for their columns. Answer to their questions fully, whilst being sure that they have understood your message.

    dribbbledebut How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    When you’re questioned by the social media, you will constantly be capable of upgrading your business by your by-line that will assist you in building both your company’s and your brand.

    When the interview is over, send an e-mail questioning if they maybe have more questions they want to ask, and be sure to insert your biography and your photo as well.

    Create label awareness by networking

    You need to connect with other managers in your business utilizing social networks and discussing on the blogs. Networking is the best way to become recognized in your business. By building relationships with your audience you can improve your brand and business on a long-term basis.

    ja How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    The 4 laws of networking that you need to keep in mind are giving, mutualism, reconnecting and targeting.

    • Giving: Help somebody out, before demanding something in return. This causes people to want to assist you.
    • Mutualism: You must create double-win relations in business, being certain that you won’t benefit extra than the opposite party.
    • Reconnecting: You should never lose connections. In that way, networking communications will remember you when different opportunities comes outside.
    • Targeting: You need to be very particular with the kinds of people you interface with, as to preserve time and to draw the right audience to your brand.
    • Concentrate on everything you do. It’s essential to be transparent about what the heart of your own brand is. Are you a consultant? A speaker? An author? Is your centre marketing? Technology? Healthy eating? Back pain? Leadership? A powerful individual brand is established when you allow people to restrict their focus of everything you do.
    • Create a society. As you attempt to create your own brand, don’t concentrate on creating sales. First, concentrate on growing your community, or developing your society. I’m not speaking you shouldn’t create sales. Still, creating your society should be of developing a fellowship of followers who recognize, love and trust you. To create this society, inspire people to follow your email list, such as you on Facebook, Twitter and differently join with you to stay in touch.
    • Video leads your brand to growth. A video is an important way to draw growth to your own brand. Remember, the greatest number of your society cannot become close and intimate with you. Nevertheless, through the influence of charming videos, you can become closer and more intimate with your society.

    personal_rebranding How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    Speak on and design your events. Events are a really great way to join with your society in real life.

    Absolutely, we can see our beloved celebrities in live streaming and different multimedia options. Nevertheless, when they are having events and live performances we nevertheless want to see them, right?

    Holding a live event for your society is no distinct. Speaking at different people’s events is an excellent way to show off your understanding leadership, also. Planning your personal event is a great way to put your label on a stand.

    personal-branding-ales-nese How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    Publish work. Being author is a method to add reliability and increase your own brand. Consider this: You need to pick specialist A or specialist B.

    Both are nearly the same specialist and one owns a book. The one having a book will most likely be picked up since they seem smarter, more reliable, and also more prestigious. A book is a great way to thicken your own brand.

    Take media coverage. When the regional TV branch, radio channel, magazine or different media require from you to talk like an expert, it provides you reliability and increases your brand.

    This needs active exceed to get their recognition, yet it is well deserving the time and energy.

    Build a Communication System

    quillo7 How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    Luckily, there are hundreds of social accounts and online programs where you can develop your individual brand. In the past years, social media has leveled the playing area and releases “everyday Joes” to strike their fans, at various touch-points, utilizing numbers of online platforms.

    This number of platforms can grow devastating if you’re brand-new to the method of labeling yourself.

    Understanding which platforms are best for you can be challenging and time-wasting, particularly regarding the countless methods and tools that are at your control for drawing your targeted audience.

    We made BrandYourself.com, to lead you through every step of the method, covering installing the most important social media accounts and optimizing them as to be certain they show up great when somebody Goggles your brand.

    Manage Your Results on Google

    When your brand is explored online, your brand should arrive in search results. Not having an online presence, or more serious, a presence that is not desirable, individuals you know and also don’t know will probably have a wrong first opinion of your individual brand.

    If prospective bosses, co-workers, customers, and clients are seeking for your brand while online, and you’re not popping up in the search results, your brand is already delayed the eight ball… not even knowing it!

    If everything you find on Google is inappropriate or not your brand, then it’s maybe the time for you to discover how to label yourself by increasing your online presence.

    Your aim is to fulfill the first page of Google results with as many accurate results as attainable. Contingent on your web account, here are the different treatment choices and proper prescriptions.

    Discover proper communication methods

    stephen_c_branding How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    How you relate your brand with possible customers is important. Getting into calls, appointments, meetings, etc is not complete. Take as much time as you need to relate with the people you are communicating with. This will require a lot of communicating.

    Accordingly, write your messages in the most accurate and adept way. Decent communication will produce a higher impact on the possible client, and therefore, you will stand out in the pack.

    Customize and personalize your messaging

    untitled-1 How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    Clients always require an organization they can immediately identify with, and a good logo will do the job. Plus, every time you write emails, postcards, letters, make them personal.

    Always utilize your real name, in order to show your clients that they are not only ordinary clients but possible ones. Be patient enough to send holiday and birthday cards. This will make people feel valued and that they are not only a little dollar sign!

    Keep your honesty both offline and online

    visual-jams How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    Keep high criteria of fairness with people. Dodge the use of false lines and methods to get audience aboard. Brand yourself in the best possible way you can and make them comprehend what you can actually do for them.

    In case that you find that you cannot satisfy their demands, there is a solution, show them to somebody who has the required skills. You will score high for staying interested in assisting, and they will get back when you can satisfy their needs.

    Watch out your body language

    ksportfolio How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    Your body language can leave a genuine impact on people attitude towards you. Be sure that you stand straight and keep eye contact. Your eyes need to show friendlessness and care. Your eyebrows need to bring out a symbol of understanding and openness.

    Moreover, hold your eyebrows comfortable and don’t use them in a disapproving way, this may confirm a lack of spirit which is not great in the labeling process. Hold your arms opened. You can always put some movements for emphasizes but be careful not to do that very often.

    Sit in a comfortable way with a normal posture. Dodge playing with your fingers at any cost. The beauty of practicing body language will serve magic in receiving possible clients for you to sell the deal.

    Don’t forget the three Cs of labeling

    chris_bramford_portfolio How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    Consistency, clarity, and constancy. Be open about who you are and who you are not. Don’t lie about your qualifications. Display your brand over all communications tools. Decide where you desire to fit in and then stay noticeable to your targeted audience.

    Get feedback from people that know you completely — at home, at work, and anywhere.

    The real measure of your label is the respect others have for you in their souls and minds. See how they are introducing you to other people. Ask them what your best brand qualities and focus powers are. If they tell you easily, then you’ve achieved branding yourself.

    portfolio How To Brand Yourself: Tips And Best Practices

    Conclusion on how to brand yourself

    Well, labeling yourself benefits a lot in growing your business. Moreover, it assists you to form a lasting and beneficial relationship with other people in a professional way.

    You will discover more of yourself and others and what is most important, you will understand how extraordinary and different you truly are.

    As you can notice, there is plenty of work included in learning how to label yourself but still actively maintaining your individual branding plan.

    If you liked this article with info on how to brand yourself, you should check out these as well:

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    Magical Frogs and Kitties: Tattoos by Joanna Swirska

    Joanna Świrska, aka Dżo Lama, focuses her colorful tattoo portfolio on nature with a psychedelic twist. The detailed portraits of birds, mushrooms, and moths come alive with splashes of neon hues. Her style, which is a mixture of realism and abstraction, began to develop over three years ago. While in art school, Świrska first designed tattoos for her friends. Eventually, she tried inking. “I’ve always loved free painting on canvases,” she says, “so my first tattoos were like abstract drafts.”

    Now that she’s honed in her approach, Świrska stays inspired by visiting the outdoors. “I love the forest and the mountains,” she explains. “I also get good inspiration from flea markets. I try to go there once a week only to take photos for projects. The climate, the people, and the whole hubbub of this place have pretty much influenced my art greatly. It’s a mine of ideas.

    Images © Joanna Świrska
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    30+ beautiful anime girls with horn


    Let’s admit it, an anime girl is very cute and beautiful. For many, adding accessories like glasses, hoody or cat ears, cat tail for anime girls makes them look more cute and lovely. However, have you ever wondered, weather they still cute and lovely if they have two horns. Let’s find out the answer in this article. In 30+ beautiful anime girls with horn, we were searching and collecting from many artists around the world, the works of anime girl with horns. To me, they are even more beautiful. Take a look and find the answer yourself.

    1. Anime girl with goat horn















    2. Anime girl with deer horn

    The girl with deer horns usually have a very wild beauty. They let me feel very close to nature.









    3. Anime girl with evil horn

    Long and curved horns often reveal the devil or hell. However, it also made the anime girl becomes very naughty and sassy.










    4. Evil horn and wing

    They often made me think of the messengers come from heaven or hell. Sometimes they are the embodiment of the dragons.






    5. Anime girl with unicorn horn

    Unicorns, mythical creatures appear only in fairy tales. The anime girl with a unicorn horn always look very mysterious.




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    Clear Heating System Review

    Clear Heater System from Logicor is a combination of innovative elements that, when used together make the concept of the ‘integrated home’ a reality today. Recently, I’ve become aware of some striking claims being made for electric radiant heating. In general I don’t review products on my blog but after the test installation now I can say this product is really revolutionary, elegant and Smart with 20 years of warranty. Amazing and unbelieveable.

    More than Heating

    Our Clear Heater Panels use pulsed electricity and infrared heat to minimise energy use while still heating the objects in your home environment. Our system is a real replacement for existing gas and electric heating systems and needs no plumbing, boiler or complex wiring. Installation is easy; just plug in and start saving and if you want to know more about central heatting system explained then follow the link..

    Summary & Specification

    The Clear Heating System is an all-electric phased infrared radiant heating system using patented technology.
    The heaters have a very thin carbon ceramic heating element sandwiched between two sheets of toughened glass with a mica insert to minimise rear facing heat loss. Clear Heaters look like a sheet of coloured glass, they never need painting and can be wiped hygienically clean with a cloth.

    clear heater system review

    Energy Savings

    You don’t need to sit in the cold to save energy. Our patented technology has been proven to save substantial energy compared to using typical electric or gas central heating systems. Provided you run the CHS system at the same temperatures and for the same length of time as you previously ran your old heating system, we expect you to save at least 50% on your heating energy bills and in some case much more. This is based on comparative data from our customers that shows an average saving on heating bills of at least 50% and in some cases more.
    How much could you save? …

    Health Benefits

    It has been suggested that infrared heating can help activate the blood circulation, some say it alleviates joint pain, others say it dissipates blood stasis, whilst others claim it helps relax nervous tension or even decrease body fat.

    More Health Benefits

    Watch our videos showing how to install a Clear Heater unit, see a system in use at our office, or watch one of the many performance tests we put the heater units through during its development.

    Quality & Guarantee

    We are so confident in our Clear Heater System that we guarantee the heater panels for 20 years from the original date of installation giving you a lifetime of savings with peace of mind.

    more than Hot Water

    Logicor’s InLine Hot Water System is powered by electricity to provide hot water on demand and is designed to replace your existing water boiler and storage tank in your home.

    The system has an A-rated efficiency rating and you have full cost control when used with the Control Panel. When combined with Logicor’s Clear Heater System room heaters it will remove the need for gas in your home altogether.

    Control at your fingertips

    Our busy lives mean that we often multitask and run our lives on the go. The Clear Heater System responds to this by giving you several options to monitor and use not only your heater systems but other services bundled with our advanced hardware.

    more Control

    The control panel is the ‘brain’ of the Clear Heater System and puts you back in control of your heating budget.

    Simply plug in your control panel and Clear Heater units to a standard wall socket and they are ready to communicate with each other using the electrical mains wiring in your home.

    more Integration

    Our next generation heaters make the “Integrated Home” concept a reality of today. Our new Clear Heater System room heaters have integrated surround sound speakers, microphone, camera and video display.

    Combined with Logicor’s App Services on your mobile or tablet you have amazing features starting as little as £1 per month; a fraction of the cost of buying individual services elsewhere.
    App Services include for example a baby monitor, monitored burglar alarm, whole house music system, heater calling and much much more…. the list keeps growing.

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    30+ beautiful Hyperrealistic Food Artworks


    Although art is sometimes considered to be the emphasis of the separation with reality, but the works according hyperrealism in fact abolish this boundary. The artworks and sculptures, created by artists under the hyperrealism, almost no difference compared to a photograph with high resolution. Many works often have larger size original photos from 10 to 20 times, but still keep a very high resolution of color, precision and detail. Some paintings so even the painted and paint using acrylic, oil paint or both. Today we will explore the world of art of a Dutch artist,Tjalf Sparnaay, with those very beautiful Hyperrealistic Food Artworks.

    Fried eggs, French fries, sandwiches and ketchup bottles, Barbie dolls, marbles and autumn leaves. Artist Tjalf Sparnaay visualizes these trivial subjects and inflates them to enormous formats, an assault on the senses. His paintings hit the retina like bolts of lightning in a clear blue sky. No other painter confronts us quite so clearly with ordinary objects that we hold dear.

    1. Dutch Tulip


    2. Petit four


    3. Fried Egg


    4. Apple


    5. Casino Wit


    6. Lolly


    7. Slakom I


    8. Supermarket Chicken


    9. Crushed Cola Can


    10. Big burger


    11. Apple pie


    12. Snoepjes in pot


    13. Vieze Ketchupdop



    14. Pastry with Strawberry


    15. Lobster


    16. Egg Sandwich



    17. Supersandwich


    and a lot more  Hyperrealistic Food Artworks















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    40+ amazing green house decoration ideas

    Not only bring vitality, emotion and beauty to your home, trees also contribute to improved air quality in places where it appears. About green house decoration ideas, there are thousands of way you can choose to make your house look wonderful with trees. You can plant trees in the water tank, the walls, the windows, planted or hung upside down …
    According to expert designer Sabrina, trees are great accents in home décor, dominated the room makeover and change over time. Here are a few suggestions for you on green house decoration:

    1. Using a base to set up plants

    This is a very simple way to create several levels of indoor plants. Note use of black or white for the pots to highlight their cool green.










    2. Combined with white pots with different sizes and shapes

    You can completely choose other colors for the pot depending on your preference, however, to avoid the chaos in color white color is not a bad choice. The different shapes and sizes will create fun for your indoor garden.










    3. Growing plants in the pot was hung up

    A hanging plant pots are always a highlight for your home. Note use of lightweight materials pots such as plastic to ensure safety.






    4. Use the pot with strange shapes

    A collection of the pot with strange shapes will be very interesting. But you also need to have a little taste and patience to choose and arrange them.









    5. And many other green house decoration ideas

    Geometry can make you feel boring, but when combined with the trees, they become quite interesting, isn’t it?













    Above are just a few ideas to help you can decorate your house with greenery. However, do not let your imagination be limited, combine them or create your own green house decoration ideas. Let surprised the guests with a completely different design of your own. Good luck!

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    23 Beautiful Creative eggshell Artworks


    Did you ever think things that you would normally throw away because you think they are useless also can become a work of art? If the answer is no, we will make you think again with this article. Maybe you do not know, these young artists now have so many ways to put their creativity into reality. Maybe you’ve met a few artists have expressed their talent through the chalk on the sidewalks as in an article that I posted earlier. Today, we’ll introduce you to another artist also has a very special way to demonstrate her ability of painting. Artists Sureyya Noyan from Turkey have chosen to present her ideas on egg shells. Egg shells that you think are useless and rubbish will be used to create so lovely works of art. Let’s enjoy them in 23 beautiful creative eggshell works !

    The famous architecture of Turkey
















    Some famous works of art





    Some faces



    and some other beautiful creative eggshell works





    Hopefully after this article you will can find inspiration from the simple things around you. Bottles, jars, fruit peel or eggshell can become art if you put your effort and imagination into it. Hopefully someday lava360 can have the opportunity to introduce your work to the world.

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    30+ Stunning Surrealism Painting Artworks


    Today, with 30+ stunning surrealism painting works, once again we will take you into the world of magical surrealist paintings. In this article, we will present stunning works of artist Jim Warren, an American artist best known for record album and book cover illustrations. For many people in the art world, Jim Warren is one of the most versatile and successful artists living today. Traditional in the sense that he uses oils on canvas but anything from conventional, Jim creates what he feels – never conforming. The whimsically surreal and amazingly unique creations he paints have inspired artists from around the world.

    When only in high school, Warren has chosen the path of art for his future career. By 1969, he began painting surreal. Now, let’s enjoy some of the fruits of his creation in nearly 50 years.

    All dogs go to heaven 3


    Beach boy


    Candy Dreams


    Canine Creations


    Embracing Nature


    Fly away


    From Hell to Enternity


    Imaginary Friend




    Michael’s Multi Colored Music


    Mother Nature at Work


    Night of the Living Canvas


    Northern Dreams


    and many other stunning surrealism painting works


















    Hope you have great moments with these masterpiece. Hopefully you can get a great picture to hang in your living room or bed room.


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    40+ beautiful anime water reflection wallpaper


    Admit it! Japanese Manga and anime artists is very talented in creating very stunning and lovely images. By combining background, water and light, their pictures sometimes look very impressive but also very romantic. Today, we’ll talk to a theme very common in anime and manga pictures, reflections on water. Usually the appropriate time and place to have this painting that is, next to the puddle after the rain, on the lake on a sunny day or on the beach…Sometimes, the artists also use the reflection on water to indicate the inside characteristics of an anime character. Okay, do not beat around the bush anymore, we will carry on the content of this article now. Today, in 40+ beautiful anime water reflection wallpaper, is more than 40 anime manga paintings about reflection on water that are we collect on Pinterest. They not only stunning but also very romantic, very suitable to become wallpaper for your phone or your computer.

    1. After the rain










    2. On the lake









    3. Above the sea








    4. And many other beautiful anime water reflection wallpaper























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