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  • 30+ stunning rain reflected photography

    rain reflected photography

    Rain is a favorite subject of many photographers ever since photography was created. The rain always help photographers perfectly express their feelings and thinking. And rain reflected photography is one of the much-loved genre when it comes to this type of photography. In this photo genre, although shots were done under the rain, photographers often do not capture directly […]

  • 40 amazing aerial photography taking by drone


    Photography by drone is becoming increasingly popular not only by usability but also because of the shimmering, monumental photographs. Several years ago, when you want to take a aerial photography, the only way you can do it is to sit on a helicopter and fly to the location where you want to capture. This extremely expensive and […]

  • How to have a beautiful underwater photographs


    Underwater photographs always create shimmering images and unique. If you have not tried this style shooting, the following guidelines will be of much help to you. Underwater photography is a unique shooting style, the images taken in this way quite eye-catching and attractive but to capture such images requires experience and technical and expensive equipment. […]

  • 40 stunning graffiti painting you should not miss

    Realistic graffiti painting

    Graffiti, a form of public art or street art, can be formed by simple drawing on the walls. “Graffiti” in graffiti painting is derived from the word “GRAPHEIN” in Greek – means writing. Later, it became the word “graffito” in Latin means “art on the wall” is the general name for the painting or writing style […]

  • Useful tips when taking Backlight photographs

    backlight photographs

    Backlight photographs is capture subject is dark on lighter backgrounds. Objects placed in the photograph taken in a way like a shadow on a bright landscape. Usually the shadow is done contrary to sunlight, or sometimes because of our light source creates. Object completely black and is displayed through the shape, contour lines around. Backlit photographed […]

  • Ecstatic with beautiful staircases decorated with flowers

    Fresh flowers always make the extra space and full of fresh vitality. Not only used to decorate the dining table, living room, kitchen, you can also decorate the stairs with little flowers fresh for extra space. Let see some beautiful staircases below: These staircases decorated with fresh flowers will make you extremely excited. You can […]

  • 30 creative conceptual portraiture work by Joel Robinson

    conceptual portraiture

    Joel Robison is a young conceptual photographer from the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Joel is a guy love life with hobbies jogging, cycling and gastronomy. He often makes his ideas and then prepare the props needed to capture the most attractive photos. Joe started taking conceptual portraiture photos from about 7 years ago and […]

  • 50 Beautiful Small Tattoo Designs For Girls

    In today’s highly modernized and advanced world, where competition is really becoming very tough and reaching new heights. It becomes quite important to get a tattoo inked on any part of your body as it not only represents your social life, style, standard or identity, moreover it reflects your personality in a very significant way. […]

  • Extremely impressive body painting works

    body painting works Guido Daniele

    Unlike tattoos, body painting is temporary, which means that drawings will not stay forever on the skin and can be washed away. Therefore, body painting works are often unique and plentiful both in terms of ideas and presentation. Painters can combine the use of different colors as well as model’s posture to present their ideas or even use […]

  • Sexy Examples Of Over The Knee Boots

    When it comes to wearing boots, ankle boots are the ones which are most popular and preferred because of their edgy style and versatility but people who want to have a different and classy look prefer over-the-knee boots because they make the statement. These boots are amazing to cover up feminine dresses and they can […]