30 jQuery Carousel Sliders for Better Image Presentation

Image gallery is an essential part of website; it gives your images a unique way to get presented in front of visitors. The beautiful image gallery helps to get more engaging visitors. It plays very important role to reduce your website’s bounce rate, which is an SEO factor. Now with the latest technologies, gallery is

The Beginners Guide To Creating Bold Designs

When it comes to designing marketing materials for your business, it’s incredibly important that your designs stand out. It doesn’t matter what you’re designing, if it fails to stand out in a sea of other designs, it’s not going to create the desired impact as people simply aren’t going to take much notice of it.

25 Eye Catching People Faces in Black & White Photography

Photography needs a lot of attention and patience to get the perfect shot of life time. Professional photographers have these two qualities and they use it for creating amazing photographic portfolio inspirational to everyone. People faces are very common thing usually, we see many of these in everyday life, but presenting these faces in new

25 Inspiring Business Card Designs Of 2013

Business card is an exact tool that describes business information about a company or individual. It plays an important role in any business and also a good way to promote your business activities because it is the first thing that shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid, and everyone wants to


40+ Inspiring Quotes Wallpapers For Your Desktop

Are you tired of looking at the same, old desktop wallpaper? Well, here’s the therapy, a Collection of “30+ Inspiring Quotes Wallpaper For Your Desktop” which you can download for free. Wallpapers with inspirational quotes are liked by many people as these wallpapers can instill the self confidence in them and give the potential to

twitter egg and bird

25 Amazing Twitter Bird Designs for Fun Inspiration

Twitter needs no introduction at all, the most viral and interesting platform to convey your greetings, regrets, blessings, anger and all kinds of emotion you have. Not only common person but famous celebrities also use Twitter for updating their followers. First of all let me tell you, Twitter is not a social media site like

Formee - CSS Form Framework

15 Best CSS Frameworks to Boost Web Development Process

CSS frameworks are predefined styling libraries written into Cascading Style Sheet language with W3C standard compliant. These CSS frameworks are useful to save your time and efforts to design a website or its parts. These are ready to serve bunch of codes which can be used without or with little changes with your website styling.

30 Inspirational Quotes with Amazing Typography Examples

Designer’s life is incomplete without typography, which is an essential part of design projects. Whether it is website design, digital art or graphic design, you need to concern about typography. Typography tends to lend toward art more than design aspect, so you will get benefited with you design projects giving them artistic look. Typography gives

Kaltura HTML5 Video Player

15 Best HTML5 Video Players for Better Multimedia Arrangement

HTML5 gives you better option to manage your multimedia files for your website. At developer’s end it gives flexibility to use HTML5 tags for video and audio instead of using other third party video players like Flash Player or Microsoft Silverlight Player resulting no extra load time upon website. Developers try to save their time

head img

Genetic Portraits Manipulations By Ulric Collette

Photo manipulation is the use of image editing techniques to photographs in arranges to create a dream or tricks through analog or digital means. Photo manipulation is an ever evolving teamwork between photography and graphic design. Here we have amazing example of manipulation art today “Genetic Portraits Manipulations By Ulric Collette”.  The photographic research exploring