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Photography Portfolio Websites – Entire Life of a Photographer


One of my uncles is passionate about this art & science combo called photography. He is an engineer by profession but his love for photography is intact since his college years. His efforts to go by train on the bank of rivers early morning just to capture the magical beauty of nature, his library which includes lots of books about the art, makes me think many times that he is in wrong profession. His love for photography often motivates him to trek and go to mountains to grab that fantastic life of even tribes living there.

Everything he looks at seems like a master piece to him and once he grabs it in his camera, it actually becomes one. Like my uncle, some are self-taught photographers and some enhance the art via proper education mechanism. You will see a plethora of photographers budding up daily online. But that doesn’t mean they all are good. Only those who can inspire with their fresh ideas and thinking can have long lasting impacts.

They are dreamers. You need not to be a professional one to click some master pieces rather it is only your love for photography that counts and decides whether you can be a great photographer or not. Actually, it is a God gift to have that vision of a photographer as only lucky ones can see extra ordinary things in simple and ordinary stuff.

Researching on the same line I found some mind blowing work and photographers who have proved that it is an art laced with science and you can’t just acquire the skill but you own it. Believe me if you can or see their work yourself. Here I am including some of the best Photography Portfolios to be presented in front of you to take a look and understand what I mean.


jillgreenberg photography portfolio websites

koendemuynck photography portfolio websites

amyherndonphotography photography portfolio websites

andreasmith photography portfolio websites

pureimage photography portfolio websites

rebeccaruth photography portfolio websites

rickardsund photography portfolio websites

froesephoto photography portfolio websites

raven photography portfolio websites

nicolashenri photography portfolio websites

jessicakripp photography portfolio websites

sarahritchie photography portfolio websites

fredrikclement photography portfolio websites

reflexionweddings photography portfolio websites
Every good photographer would be different and this uniqueness makes each one special but one thing that you would see in common is their closeness to life. Many of them have captured the ugly side of life; they grab mostly issues and the conditions in which the victims are living, others have captured the joy and happiness; all those smiles and good work done. Fashion, children, women, common man, nature whatever is the focus it always revolves around life.

Photography for them is like meditation, it is food for their soul and it is very clear from their work that Photography for them is like celebrating life. What are you thinking? Want to take that plunge to start? Or you are already a photographer but waiting to get inspired? Don’t just wait, go ahead and Shoot!

Written by Amit Tripathi

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