15+ Refreshing Photoshop CS6 Photo Effect Tutorials

Tilt-shift photography

Adobe Photoshop is no stranger to the world of editing and modification of photos.It has rapidly become one of the most popular and widely used software in the genre.It is mostly tapped for it,s creativity in editing ,modifying and managing photos to bring about a most remarkable effect.With the advent of time ,the demand for the said  software has gained in strength and it,s fame has ever increased along with a continued increase in the performance of it,s various tools and components.

As it is, all things amazing undergo a state of evolution and in this case the CS6 is just that.It is a more advanced and effective form of the original Photoshop with proven precedence over its predecessor. The tools from the previous version are all included here along with an update as well as never before seen tools that are sure to delight veterans of the program wand at the same time ,amaze the new comers.Those with an understanding of the whole Photoshop editing process and who have a yearning to go beyond the boundaries that the previous versions limited them to can really sink their teeth in the CS6 version.

Adding effects that are rich in subtlety has been the defining purpose of the Photoshop but the PsCS6 takes this ability to all new heights by amplifying the experience many times over so that those involved can get a feeling of rhythm as well as that of ease which are imparted through the efficient and fast paced services of the CS6.

In order to get the most out of the said tool, we can always follow some main pointers that are listed below.Through the utilization of adobe Photoshop Cs6 , it is possible to create specialized custom photos that point out preferences of the designer as well. Some of the more popular ones that can be created through CS6 are as following:

Building a 3-D Scene

Through the CS6 , a scene depicting a certain account or story in the fashion of the 3-D can be created easily in simple enough steps.



Creating a Color Splash Effect

With the use of the said photo effect tools ,we can insert the color splash effect in a picture unerringly.

color splash effect photoshop


Creating a Chocolate Lava Volcano

This is one of the more commonly famous pictures that are created through the machinations of the CS6 various tools.

Chocolate Lava Volcano photoshop


Creating a Fantasy Landscape Using Digital Painting Techniques

By manipulating the different techniques of the CS6 that pertain to the digital altering and modification options, it is possible to create a  Fantasy landscape rich in the digital painting effect.

Fantasy Landscape Using Digital Painting photoshop

Blur Gallery

The CS6 Photoshop is equipped with an effective blur gallery that is essential for creating the said effect in photos so as to achieve a refreshingly unique blur effect in the photos chosen for said process.

Blur Gallery photoshop

Oil Painting Photo Effects

It is possible to add an effect of oil painting to normal every day pictures through the utilization of the tool that relates to said operation which is present in CS6.

Oil Painting Photo Effects photoshop

Tilt-shift photography

This unique aspect of the CS6 allows photographers to edit their photographs in such a manner that they are able to insert tilt shift effect into them .

Tilt-shift photography

Creating Animations

This operation has been amplified in the new CS6 based Photoshop to quite an extent and has been simplified for new comers while having been made more conducive for the experts.

creating animations photoshop

Creating Pro Photo Effects with Color Lookup Adjustments

The above mentioned tool enables a designer to get a photo in 32 different effects which is both appealing and useful at times.

Pro Photo Effects with Color Lookup

Create a Wet Plate Photo Effect

Through this ,the designer can impart to his photo a certain wet looking effect that is most easy to achieve with the help of CS6.

Wet Plate Photo Effect

By utilizing the above mentioned methods it is possible to achieve great and hopefully satisfying results with the assistance of the Photoshop CS6.


Iris Blur

Blur is an especially nifty effect that is perceived as an excellent effect by most.In CS6 ,the Iris blur effect attains a certain level of uniformity without interfering with other parts of the picture.

iris blur photoshop cs6

Creating a 3-D Animation

3D images are all the rage nowadays and it is required of all designers connected to web designing ,that they be well versed in the process of creating the said images.Fortunately CS6 helps to attain the said effect quite nicely.

3-D Animation photoshop cs6

Addition of Motion Blur Effects

Motion blur can add a certain level  of suaveness to a picture and through CS6 ,that can be attained without fault.

Motion Blur Effects photoshop cs6

Instilling Blend Mode

Through CS6 ,the blending or mixing of various colors and there shades can be achieved flawlessly so as to achieve newer and much more attractive forms of effects that are both appealing and pleasantly eye catching.

Blend Mode photoshop cs6


Create a Face Book Cover Photo

Facebook has become an object of affection for many and the constant search for a unique cover photo can be sated by creating one of your own by accessing the wonders of CS6.

Book Cover Photo in Photoshop Cs6

Creating Cosmic Lighting Effects

The CS6 Photoshop has also been fitted with the ability to create stellar Lightening effects,of the cosmic nature, that are certain to add a new light oF photos therefore adding a new dimension to it,s beauty and appeal.



Creating Masks of Transparent Elements

Creating effective masks of transparent elements is possible with the usage of Photoshop CS6.

Masks of Transparent photoshop


Making Image Based Lights

Lights that encompass an image and are mainly founded upon there base is a difficult effect to achieve but can be done so with ease through CS6.

Image Based Lights


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