Portrait works from floppy discs by Nick Gentry

Every artist always try their best to bring to viewers the unique and novelties artworks. Today Lava360 will introduce you to the work of art that you definitely have never seen before.

Art from floppy discs

Nick Gentry artists are passionate about classic style and became known for painting portraits painted on the floppy disk. Always eager for environmental protection, so instead of throwing those discs that seemed worthless away, Nick collected and found inspiration from them.

Self Portrait
Profile number 13
Life on Earth
Digital montage number 3
D base
The Immortal
The work is done on wood with oil paint and old floppy disks.

In addition, Nick Gentry is also producing very nicely works with VHS tapes, cassette tapes and other obsoleted multimedia communications products.

The work is carried out on wood with the material is painted and negatives film.



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