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Relationship Between Facebook and Teens: Getting Better or Worse

“Teens are leaving Facebook”- this is one of the favorite topic running on tech media. Few years back in 2010, Mashable posted an article on teens and Facebook Fatigue. Since then, the topic gained popularity and had been in talks till now. It is very difficult to say anything about the relation between Facebook and teens. The talks about it raised in latter half of 2013, when many websites like ABC News, The Guardian, and Business Insider published some news on the relation of Facebook and teens.

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These reports by the websites, say that teens are getting more engaged towards the apps like Whatsapp and Snapchat and leaving Facebook slowly. Some reports also say that Facebook is not so cool to be used now. In this article, we will look behind some supportive and non supportive stats to see whether teens are really leaving facebook or not.

Facebook and Teens Relationship

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If we look to the conversation running about relationship of Facebook and Teens, then there is surely some truth behind it. Facebook had also said in its annual report that younger people are engaging more towards the substitute of Facebook. The global facebook users between the age group of 16-19 years fall to 56 percent from 76 percent in 2013. Though, teens use facebook, but not as much as they used to do it earlier.

Why Teens are moving towards alternatives of Facebook?

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There are many reasons why teens are leaving facebook slowly. One of the funny reasons of teen leaving the Facebook may Facebook’s own growth. Though there is improvement in number of people joining facebook above the age group of 35 years. Teens cannot share information on Facebook, if their family members are added to their profile on facebook. Some of the common reasons of teens leaving facebook are:

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  • Teens say that Facebook insist them to use their real names and there are many ways to interact with other users that leave them in multiple dramas happening over facebook.
  • Many teens also say that their girlfriend had left them if they find them talking to other girls on facebook. The username and security information could be shared with others on Facebook.
  • The development of different apps on Android OS had made the users to spend their time more, over these apps and enjoy using them.
  • Now more and more teens are getting Smart phones at early ages. These smart phones had also contributed towards distraction of teens from Facebook.

Where actually are the teens going from Facebook?

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The development of different mobiles applications and software had lead to rise in users of these mobile phones. New applications such as WeChat, Line, WhatsApp had significantly taken over the Facebook Messenger. Various apps have been developed to share the photos and videos at one click. Some of them are Vine, Instagram etc.

Is Facebook Really That Bad?

Facebook is one of the largest social networks around the world. Around 56 percent of teens in age group 15-19 years are using facebook, which is much better than it competitor YouTube. YouTube is used by only 35 percent of teens worldwide. No matter that how you look to it, Facebook is still the popular network among the teens.

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The reports that say that Facebook’s Demise is on progress are completely fake. Though there is decrease in number of teens using Facebook, but is still it is the fastest growing social network around the world.

Some reports say that the teens are dissatisfied with the functionalities in Facebook. It is not cool for the teens. Though they may use it to get connected with the family members and relatives, but they use other smart phone applications to stay connected with their friends.

Most of the teens report that they no longer use Facebook after getting the smart phones. Smart phones are encrypted with number of apps pre installed and lots of the applications can be downloaded from the mobile stores.

Impact of Teens Leaving Facebook

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There are two ways to look to this situation. One is in against of Facebook and other argument is in its favour.

1. As the number of teens using Facebook is decreasing in number, the revenue share of Facebook may decrease from advertising.

2. The numbers of people joining Facebook in age group of above 25 years are definitely contrinute to the revenue share of Facebook well as they are earning and can afford products that are advertised on Facebook. Facebook will still be working fine without the teens.

Final Look

Since the starting of this decade smart phones had taken over the desktop and laptops. Nowadays, everything could be done using smart phone. This had resulted in decrease of users going on PC or Laptops to search or find any information, and now the computer tools are less utilized as compared to tools in smart phones. This had lead to decreasing popularity of social network like facebook in teens. Though, Facebook continue to be the largest used social network of the world.



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