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Return to 90s Hot Trend; Slip Dresses For The Day

A lot of different types of trends from the past are being adopted in the world of fashion today. Slip dresses are one of them. A slip dress is generally worn during the night but people are adopting this nightwear for the days. If you are interested in wearing slip dresses in style then following are some of tips and ways that can help you out. Also have a look at some of the stylish examples of slip dresses at the end.

Slip Dress 27

  1. Minimal Style:

slip dress street style with sandles

Since the design of a slip dress is very plain and simple so try keeping everything simple and minimal so you do not look overwhelming or provocative. Finish the overall look of your slip dress by pairing it with good sandals and a necklace.  Other options can be ankle straps, loafers or espadrilles.

  1. With Sneakers:

calvin klein Bias-cut slip dress paired with white frayed silk platform sneakers

For all the sport lovers out there, a good choice that can go well with the slip dress is sneakers. Simply trade your ordinary tees and pants with the slip dress to look stylish and different in sneakers. For a polished look, avoid ordinary sneakers and wear stylish sneakers such as the glossy or shiny ones. Team it up with a structured bag and you are done.

  1. With Blazer:

Flash Cecile Slip Dress in 70s Sequin main

In order to look modest during the day, simply pair your ordinary slip dress with a stylish blazer. This combination can also be worn at the offices which will keep you comfortable yet classic.  You can also pick up coat or cardigan. If you are not in a mood to look classy on the streets, then trade your blazer with a more casual choice such as a leather or denim jacket.

  1. Go With Layers:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a Stunning Galvan Silk Slip Dress

This doesn’t mean layering over the slip dress only. An interesting choice is to wear different types of layers underneath your slip dress. You can wear printed top, tee, or skinny pants underneath your slip dress for a different and chic look. To make the outfit edgy, wear stylish ankle boots with your outfit and you are good to roll.

  1. Dress Up:

Slinky Tie Front Slip Dress

There are several types of slip dresses that can easily be worn for the evenings. A lot of stars are seen wearing their slip dresses on red carpet. For this, choose those slip dresses that are made of glossy fabrics such as silk. A pastel pink, cobalt blue or black is a great choice that will make you look fabulous on any occasion such as a party.

Have a look at some of the stylish examples of slip dresses below.

Chelsea Slit Slip Dress


Finn Slip Dress in Black Opal Sequin

Floral Eyelet Maxi Slip Dress


Kiki de Montparnasse - Expose Slip Dress

Kimchi Blue Simple 90s Slip Dress

Rihanna Stella McCartney London Fashion Week slip dress 1

She's Got It Black Slip Dress

Slip dress with sweater tied at waist and white sneakers


Tie-Front Ribbed Slip Dress

Slip Dress 1

Slip Dress 2

Slip Dress 3

Slip Dress 4

Slip Dress 5

Slip Dress 6

Slip Dress 7

Slip Dress 8

Slip Dress 9

Slip Dress 10

Slip Dress 11

Slip Dress 12


Slip Dress 14

Slip Dress 15

Slip Dress 16

Slip Dress 17

Slip Dress 18

Slip Dress 19

Slip Dress 20

Slip Dress 21

Slip Dress 22

Slip Dress 23

Slip Dress 24

Slip Dress 25

Slip Dress 26

Slip Dress 28

Slip Dress 29

Slip Dress 30

House Of Harlot Dahlia Latex Slip Dress







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