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Choosing The Right Wedding Dress For Your Body Shape

I am sure on this Velntine day many of us “Girls” are going to say “YES”, So before you say this three words letter; read our article and start looking for dresses suitable for your body type. As we all know Wedding day is something very important for a girl’s life. If you are going to be a bride, then you should be very careful in selecting all the things for you so that you look perfect in every way. Wedding dress plays a vital role in a wedding and it should be perfect and should suit your body. There are a lot of girls who end up wearing wrong wedding dress according to their body type. This post is going to help you out with some of the tips that can help you choose the right wedding dress for your body type. There will also be some beautiful examples of laced wedding dresses you can take inspiration from.

Wedding-Dresses 1

Busty Girls:

Wedding dresses appropriate for brides who either have a busty, an upside down triangle shape or an hourglass shape

Wedding Dresses for Busty Brides

Wedding Dresses for Busty Brides

If you are busty then the best choice for you is to choose a dress with a little lifted neckline. It will bring more attention to your face and won’t show too much of your cleavage. If you like strapless gowns then do not go for the one that is straight across as this will make you look more busty.

Plus Sized Girls:

plus size wedding dress, gorgeous wedding dresses for the plus-sized woman

plus size wedding dress, gorgeous wedding dresses for the plus-sized woman

plus size wedding dress, gorgeous wedding dresses for the plus-sized woman

One great choice for you is to choose an empire dress having an A-line skirt starting just under the chest till the floor. Make sure the dress is tight as loose one will only make you look heavier.
Choose such fabrics that provide the best structure to your body like satin rather than anything flowy.

Apple-Shaped Girls:

apple body shape wedding dress 00

apple body shape wedding dress

Get a dress that contains a lot of texture such as lace detailing. It will fit snugly and will camouflage your shape. The perfect neckline preferred for you is the one which has a deep V. This will draw attention towards your neckline rather than your body.

Tall Girls:

tall girl wedding dresses

tall girl wedding dresses 00

tall girl wedding dresses 01


You are very lucky if you are tall as most of the dresses can look perfect on you. The main goal will be to highlight your shape. If you want to wear long sleeves, make sure they are long enough to set past your wrist as people do don’t want to feel as you have worn someone else’s dress who is shorter than you.

These are some of the body types and the dress choices that you can wear. If you are confused in getting the right wedding dress for your body, then have a look at some of the examples of beautiful laced wedding dresses mentioned below.

Best Wedding Dress Examples

Wedding-Dresses 2

Wedding-Dresses 3

Wedding-Dresses 4

Wedding-Dresses 5

Wedding-Dresses 6

Wedding-Dresses 7

Wedding-Dresses 8

Wedding-Dresses 9

Wedding-Dresses 10

Wedding-Dresses 11

Wedding-Dresses 12

Wedding-Dresses 13

Wedding-Dresses 14

Wedding-Dresses 15

Wedding-Dresses 16

Wedding-Dresses 17

Wedding-Dresses 18

Wedding-Dresses 19

Wedding-Dresses 20

Wedding-Dresses 21

Wedding-Dresses 22

Wedding-Dresses 23

Wedding-Dresses 24

Wedding-Dresses 25

Wedding-Dresses 26

Wedding-Dresses 27

Wedding-Dresses 28

Wedding-Dresses 29

Wedding-Dresses 30




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