Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications, Price and Review

Samsung with his great products and market strategies first attain a place in market and without stirring that place for around 2 years launched a new product to fetch the attention of the market and the consumers for its new product which is labelled as Galaxy S6.

  • The mobile comes after a long gap, with advanced and latest technologies supporting unique and bold new design.
  • All new design, better accoutrements, and latest software are constructed to make this product unique in the market and to make technology’s freak to go crazy behind the product.
  • This is going to be the most impressible and updated product from Samsung.
  • Finally with this product Samsung Product’s Lovers wait is over with this new Samsung Galaxy S6.


All followers of Samsung’s are actually very keen to analysis this new flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications, Price and Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price and Releasing date in UK and US

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 was introduced on 1st of March during the Mobile World Congress, 2015 and official date set for hitting product in market is April 10. Officials said product will be launch in 4 colors white, black, blue and golden.

United Kingdom (UK)

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In the United Kingdom Galaxy S6 official date for releasing product is 10th of April and it will be available in three versions depending upon the internal space i.e. 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. So with the internal space, price will be too varied. Price of Samsung Galaxy S6 according to its internal space is:

  • 32 GB: 599 GBP
  • 64 GB: 659 GBP
  • 128 GB: 739 GBP

United States (US)

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The release of Samsung Galaxy S6 is 10th April. However, any official price has not given and it will be available in three versions i.e. 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Design and Build Quality

You might heard or read that there are not many differences from the front between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and its new product i.e. Samsung Galaxy S6. Even so, designers have made many noticeable changes when we look at them. According to Samsung Galaxy S6 specifications, the best noticeable change in this mobile is the metal chassis. Metal chassis will be noticeable and is getting positive feedback from the viewers and everyone is praising the change as it gives a premium look. With this aluminum edge, Samsung introduces new different sleek designs frames.


It is simple to understand and notice with this product, Samsung is going to represent a new pattern to its Galaxy S series as in this aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass 4 big sheet is introduced. These two major changes in the choice of materials are made. Samsung Galaxy S6 is extremely light weight when it is compared from its other devices. In older Galaxy S series Samsung was using Gorilla Glass 3. However, Gorilla Glass 4 is much stronger than Gorilla glass 3.

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The angled abandon sides give adequate and comfortable feeling when we hold it in hand and we can notice that these are made and advised with attention and absorption to detail. The shutting down button is on appropriate spot i.e. on the right side of the mobile and just underneath that a Nano – SIM tray.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Performance:

On 14nm process, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the first mobile built on this process. The Exynos 7420 with supporting 64 bit, 3 GB of RAM and brand new LPDDR4 system to store the memory and eight cores. However, it is very true that Micro SD expansion is not supported by Galaxy S6. The reason behind this is the introduction of new technology i.e. UFS 2.0 (UNIVERSAL FLASH STORAGE). This brings a much better memory space and performance which is less energy consuming and faster. With that kind of configuration you can play many games and here are some of top games for your device and some top premium applications for your mobile.

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When comes to finger print sensors response was good and shortcut to the camera app is really impressive. Double press on the home button and camera app is on. The galaxy S6 response is very great and will provide you a good experience. For Photo lovers, following is a list of best Photo apps for Android mobile devices.

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The Galaxy S6 is acutely a new product in the market from Samsung in its Galaxy S line. Many significant changes have been fabricated to touch wiz. And with this, Samsung decided to remove its two characteristics. One is the micro SD expansion and the second one is removable battery. To rope up these features and avoid problems in future Samsung made impressive changes with battery, internal processor and handling software optimizations and new UFS memory storage which is far superior technology.

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Looking deeply into Samsung Galaxy S6 specifications perhaps it can be inferred that after the market survey and consumer demands, Samsung engineers concluded to improve upon that software, utilities and hardware that matters for better experience rather than just adding new and advanced features that people are unaware about. In my opinion, Samsung Galaxy S6 is an expensive Smartphone but it is one of the best Smartphone in the market today with latest and advanced features.



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