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Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber: 30 Pics

Bruce Weber is an American fashion photographer as well as he is an occasional filmmaker. He is renowned for his ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Revlon, Calvin Klein, Pirelli, Gianni Versace, Abercrombie & Fitch as well as for his unbeatable work for GQ, Life, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, Rolling Stone and interview magazines. He is well famous and talented photographer and grew up in Greensburg (Pennsylvania). He had done campaigns from since 80’s.He only works for shoot film, never for digital.

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber1.1

The sensual fashion photography examples are the best shots that involved with his best and renowned pictures as well as he shot the sensual pictures of models. He loves to take different-different kind of pictures related to fashion or mainly sensual. He started work in 1970s, but he came to the light of the general public in the late 80s as well as in the early 90s with his advertising pictures for Calvin Klein. In addition, his two clothed men in bed, straightforward black and white shots, feature an unclothed hetero sexual couple on a dangle facing each other, and even more. These are some important and renowned pictures due to which he came into the attention of common people.

Earliest Collection

One of a Weber’s earliest fashion photography has appeared in the SoHo weekly news and a featured picture is of men wearing only their underwear. These photos become the point of controversy.

  • After the controversy, Weber said that” I don’t really work with editorially in a huge number of magazines because lots of magazines do not want my kind of pictures. It is too risky for them”.
  • Weber works on the sensual photographs for magazines as well as he does the photo shoots of the famous people.

Short Films by Bruce Weber

He directed many films as well as videos. Since1987, he has directed the films. The few names of his directed movies are: Broken Noses, Beauty Brothers (Part I-IV), Let’s Get Lost, Backyard Movie, Gentle Giants, The Teddy Boys of the Edwardian Drape Society, A Tribute To The Delta Society, Best Friends, and even more.

After doing the photography, he also made the short film Broken Noses (it is about teenage boxers)his adored pet dogs and later in the film entitled is Chop Suey. Moreover, he also directed a documentary film “Lets’s Get Lost” in 1988, and it is related to jazz trumpeter Chet Baker

  • He directed several feature films and shorts
  • He is famous for the fashion label

He also directed several music videos with different-different crew members. Some of the song titles are Everything Happens to Me, Being Boring, Blue Spanish Sky, I Get Along, Light My Fire, and even more. All these songs are of different albums.

Attractive black and white Effects

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber5

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber19

Weber’s photographs are mostly in black and white color or in the toned shades. His colored photography is rarely or occasionally. The black & white color photographs make his photography different from others.

  • He is famous because of his sensual and attractive photographs
  • He gives best direction for his movie (which he directed either feature film or short film)

Weber photographed Harry Connick, Jr. Fr his album Blue Light, Red Light In 1991. In a same way, in 1993, his photographed is of singer songwriter Jackson Browne for the album I’m Alive. Weber married to Nan Bush, and with her he sometimes collaborates. Since 1988, he has lived in Miami.

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber3

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber4

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber6

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber7

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber8

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber10

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber11

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber12

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber13

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