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Sexy Examples Of Over The Knee Boots

When it comes to wearing boots, ankle boots are the ones which are most popular and preferred because of their edgy style and versatility but people who want to have a different and classy look prefer over-the-knee boots because they make the statement. These boots are amazing to cover up feminine dresses and they can also be used with casual dresses to create a perfect style. If you are looking for some of the outfit ideas that can work well with over-the-knee bots then following are some of the helpful ideas for you. So let’s find out.

Over Knee Boots 26

  1. With Shorts:

In order to make a bold and chic statement with your over-the-knee boots, forget all the long dresses such as maxis and go for shorter lengths such as denim shorts or high waist shorts. This will make you look amazing and will also help you appear taller than your real height.

  1. With Skinny Jeans:

For a perfect fit with your over-the-knee boots, skinny jeans are considered as the best choices. Don’t opt for the baggy trends such as boyfriend jeans as they will not fir with your boots and will make you look odd. Darker shades of skinny jeans are a hot trend right now but you can also go for the lighter shades that are in a perfect contrast with the boots.

  1. With Short Dresses:

Over-the-knee boots look perfect with the short dresses no matter what type they are of. Dresses having body con style, flit and flare or even the shift style look best with the long boots. Whatever style your short dress is, it will look amazing with your long boots.

  1. With Miniskirts:

This is one great way to wear a sexy outfit without looking too revealing or flirty with it. Get your miniskirt and wear it with confidence along with your over-the-knee boots as this will cover up your legs and will keep you conservative and stylish at the same time.

  1. Balance The Look:

In order to balance the skinny feel of your boots, wear something bulky and structured at the top. There are a lot of options to consider such as a trench coat, woolen jacket, fur coats and other options like this for an elegant and stylish look. One great option of over-the-knee boots is choosing the classic black color as you can pair it with anything but you can also choose other colors that look good on your outfits such as grey or brown.

Following are some of the chic examples of over-the-knee boots.

Over Knee Boots 1

Over Knee Boots 2

Over Knee Boots 3

Over Knee Boots 4

Over Knee Boots 5

Over Knee Boots 6

Over Knee Boots 7

Over Knee Boots 8


Over Knee Boots 10

Over Knee Boots 11

Over Knee Boots 12

Over Knee Boots 13

Over Knee Boots 14

Over Knee Boots 15

Over Knee Boots 16

Over Knee Boots 17

Over Knee Boots 18

Over Knee Boots 19

Over Knee Boots 20

Over Knee Boots 21

Over Knee Boots 22

Over Knee Boots 23

Over Knee Boots 24

Over Knee Boots 25

Over Knee Boots 27

Over Knee Boots 28

Over Knee Boots 29

Over Knee Boots 30




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