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40 Sexy Self Portrait Photography Ideas

Self-portrait photos are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. Be it social media, mainstream or any other are, whatever platform you choose or sign up for, requires you to upload your self portrait of some kind. Whenever you go online and check out the photos of your close friends on Google, Twitter, Facebook or any other social network, you come across many photos of bad quality and clichéd being clicked quite often. But if you choose some Sexy Self Portrait Photography Ideas mentioned in this article, you can easily get yourself the best shot.

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Sexy Self Portrait Photography Ideas

Sexy Self Portrait Photography Ideas2

Sexy Self Portrait Photography Ideas3

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Some Tips and Ideas while Taking a Picture

You can follow some simple easy ideas mentioned below to get yourself the best self-portrait.

Use of Camera: If you have not used a camera before, this is the right time to use it. There are various types of camera available in the market which can give you best clicks like Digital Camera or SLR. If you buy a suitable SLR, it can give you a high resolution picture with best clarity. Even you can set the camera settings for clicking your own photo by setting a delay timer or 10-15 seconds to get into the frame, strike a pose and click an amazing self-portrait.

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Use Online for finding a right picture: you can go online, use Google images to find the target image and print out. It is easy to do. You can easily stick to the wall behind your head and use focus on. Another tip is to stick to some color tape to mark the point where the bottom of the picture needs to be, it would be best if the level is near chest.

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Strike a Pose: One can easily go wrong with striking a pose as you may not know where to stand while taking the picture. The simple solution is to mark some spot on the floor which you can easily check in the camera that which angle and place suits you. You don’t have to do anything fancy, just put your foot at the spot and strike a pose.

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Other Important Tips to Follow

  • You can even take help from a close friend or your family member to help you get the right photo. This way you can have variety of poses and can easily retake some pictures which you don’t like.
  • You can easily allow certain variations in the depth of the field. You can easily control camera aperture and keep it to certain distance from camera or use manual focus. Manual focus can help you enable you to guide to work out the frame, and then you can get the focus of your target work out more perfectly.
  • Placing the camera on the TV or small screen is ideal as you can better approach to the place where you want to get the pictures clicked. Place it on the table or on the TV screen and make sure that you are in focus while taking the camera shot.
  • You can even try different places to take the self-shot. There are many options of Sexy Self Portrait Photography Ideas at different locations and you can come up with some unusual places to get the photos where no one has done before. This does not mean that you need to travel to long distance to take self-photos but certainly you can explore some more locations beside your living location to choose the right scenery for the portrait. One great example is putting the camera inside the fridge and taking your photo while keeping the door of the fridge open.
  • Home studio is always a convenient place to use the camera with a screen which can easily rotate and flip. This way you can easily see yourself in the small screens while taking the shot.
  • Using GorrillaPad can also be a good option. This can help you control the tripod around the objects to take the best shot. This will help you able to get the shots which you can dream of by attaching the camera to some unusual places in the way.

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