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Stunning Shorts To Wear This Summer Men

As the sun shines and warmer days start to come. Which short to wear in this summer to impress on Holidays!

As the sun shines and warmer days start to come, it’s time for men to star wearing shorts and let their legs enjoy the sun. If you are getting ready for the summers and you want to get some shorts for the season then following are some of the options you can choose from.

Jersey Shorts:

Jersey shorts are one of the most casual shorts present in the list. They are perfect for you workout sessions, leg days, or even casual BBQ parties. You can either wear it with casual pieces or you can amp up the looks by pairing them with formal pieces for a finished look.9


Chino Shorts:

Chinos are a safe choice which roams between formal and casual. This makes them very easy to dress down or even dress up. You can take them to your office with a button down and formal smart shoes, if your office doesn’t have any dress restrictions. There are a lot of different colors that come in chino shorts so you have got plenty of options with this one.16


Denim Shorts:

Denim is the piece that is known for its versatility. They can be worn with any casual or smart piece and are known for their durability. To dress them up, take help from oxford button down shirt or a polo shirt but it is recommended that you stick with the basic tees with denim shorts.15


Tailored Shorts:

These shorts are not very popular but they are definitely worth a try. These are formal shorts that are suitable for work places where shorts are allowed. Make sure you pair them up with dress shirts and formal shoes such as oxfords. However you can still play casual with them for weekends by pairing them with printed shirt.14


Swim Shorts:

And finally for the beaches and pool parties where you want to look super hot, swim shorts come into action. Though these shorts are worn alone but if you want to pair them up with something, there is no good option than a printed tee or tank top.37

These are some of the hot shorts that you can we arts summer. Make sure you choose the suitable footwear with them to look complete. Have a look at some of the hot examples of shorts and outfits associated with shorts in the images mentioned below.39

























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