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Showcase of magnificent Conceptional Fantasy and Gaming art Warrior Characters

Today here we are going to showcase Magnificent sketches of warriors and armors by most talented digital  and fantasy artist Han Park Aka Reaper78. He is south korean digital & Fantasy artist and he is not affliated with NCsoft or the developers Team Bloodlust as he say ” I don’t wanna co-work with foreign game development group because there are some problems, for example payment, communications and etc.

and no one want to work for free or without payment because I’m a professional and creative person who needed money to pamper himself and bare the cost of living and creativity as we all know one thing payments boost your creativity.”, His art work showcases warriors, characters and armor concepts based on up-coming races. His art style is incredibly detailed with the traditional “anime”  and he influence the gaming industry by his unique character and armor design concept.

Monster : Demon Empress

Card image – High Elf Ver. 1.0

Elven Archer

The Steam Knight

Fantasy – Human Gunner

Elven Magician Armor 3rd Grade

Human Female Fighter 3rd Armor

Dark Knight Ver 2.0

Human Warrior 1st armor

Female Cyborg Gunner

Card image – archmage

A Griffon Rider

The Female Vampiric Knight 2.0

Elven Male Summoner

Elven Magician Armor 1st Grade

Elven Archer

Elven Female Magician

Human Female Thief

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