Sick of WP? There’s an Easier Way to Build Your Website

WordPress is great if you enjoy spending time coding rather than designing. Most of us love design and do the coding out of necessity.

When it comes to your design website, you need it live quickly, and you want to be able to make changes in minutes rather than hours.

Is a website builder the answer?

Have you looked at modern site builders recently? You might be surprised at how far they have come in the past two years.

Advantages of Website Builders

Drag and drop interfaces and visual design rather than having to code every box and font change make builders a desirable proposition.

Creating a website for your business is a task you can do in two hours rather than seven days if you use s site builder like Instasite (Screenshot below) rather than WordPress.

This article will focus on just one, Instasite from LCN because there are too many site builders to cover here.

123 Sick of WP? There's an Easier Way to Build Your Website

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Ease of Use

Layout is crucial for a designer, but WordPress themes don’t allow your creativity free rein. Instasite and some other site builders use a drag and drop facility to let you place images, text boxes and forms anywhere on the page without any coding.

No Hosting Needed

Hosting costs are included. When you consider that decent hosting will set you back $10 per month, the monthly site builder payment of the same amount becomes a no-brainer when you see what extras you get for the same money.

Site Builder Updates are Automatic

If you use WP, you need to check for theme, WordPress and plugin updates at least every day. You then need to back up your site and complete the update manually. If you use a site builder, all this happens automatically, which means one less item on your daily to-do list.

Included Templates

You have dozens of templates, all of which you can customise, or you can start with a blank page and drag and drop items around at will. You can create an infinite number of site designs with any site builder.

Free Images

We all know the power of visuals, but we don’t want to take out subscriptions to stock photo agencies. Many website builders include free photos you can use and edit as you see fit.

No Plugins Required

Website builders don’t have or need plugins, which makes them better than WordPress because every plugin slows down your site. Builders have all the functionality you need to be included in the optimised code for the building platform.

Built-in SEO

Search engine optimisation usually needs you to pay for tools. Building software includes everything you need for free.

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress has attractive features, too.

WordPress is Free

The software is free, and you only need to pay for your domain name and hosting. However, it’s not that simple.

Free themes are rarely updated, and forum support from fellow users is unlikely to be adequate. You need to pay $100 every year if you want a theme that has a support team to update it with every new WordPress release.


You could code any desired feature into the custom WordPress theme you use for your website, but code doesn’t rock your boat, so you end up using plugins.

Free plugins have similar support issues to free themes, and they are usually only tasters for expensive premium plugins. Website builders have more features built in, and you don’t need plugins.

Hosting is Cheap

You have to pay for hosting, but you can find hosting for $2 per month that lets you host 200 sites.

You can, but what happens when your 200 sites go live? Your sites are all frozen because they need more server resources than your ‘unlimited everything for $1.95 per month’ account includes. It turns out that server resources weren’t unlimited and you have to change hosts or move to a more expensive plan.

You only have one site anyway, so you don’t need a hosting plan with unlimited domains.

Check out hosting costs in this DesignYourWay post.

The Short Version

You can do more with a website builder more quickly. WordPress may appear to be free, but supported themes, premium plugins and hosting all add up. When you look at the time you save, builders come out the clear winners against WP, especially for designers who don’t love code.



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