Latest sideboob Tattoos Trend for women

With sideboob tattoos aka “rib tattoos” the latest craze, what if we live to regret our inky indulgences? This question comes to my mind when I see beautiful tattoos on ribs of women. As we all know Tattoos are for life, Regret or Proud you have to live with it. In Olden days tattoos were inked by only sailors, soldiers, bikers and rebels. Now in present days This skin art now cuts across the whole globe – getting ink has taken everyone like by blurring the different between class, religon, culture, gender and age etc.


Are Sideboob Tattoos The Most Bizarre Latest Trend? which influencing every next women to ink something on her ribs or side of boobs to draw attention to it is with some delicate body art. We all mostly get influenced from other people in our life; specially celebrities try to adapt their styles, habits, culture and standard of living. Specially celebrity tattoo designs, We try to copy those designs on our self which are not at all necessary but still we do. Social media is currently awash with sideboob tattoos as more women choose to add inkings to the delicate area.


how do you feel after having sidebook tattoo design? most of young and teenagers are agreed on one point preety awesome and it is giving them extra edge in choice of dress to impress. Nothing is personal or hidden behind cloths any and all parts of the boob are attractive only you need to know how and where to show them to everyone on a beach or part of it with a choice of dress it can be ribs or the ever-revered side boob.


Tattoos on ribs and sideboob are always very sexy and alluring compare to other parts of the body. Most of us get confused while selecting a tattoo deign that’s why we need fresh, Latest and trending tattoo design ideas for ribs and sideboob area. The most common and wise saying “Choose wisely it is for life”. That’s why today we have decided to showcase 50+ Latest sideboob Tattoo Trend for women for your inspiration. Fasinating or crazy  – Regret or Proud for Life. Enjoy and have fun


Trending Sideboob Tattoos for Women

Look at the following latest trending ribs and sideboob tattoos which are very sexy, appealing and alluring, Hope you will like them


sideboob Batman and catwomen tattoo


bizzare arrow and bow man and women tattoo


Lines sideboob butterfly tattoo


colorful butterfly and flower sideboob tattoo


Mushroom sideboob tattoo


Color Tribal sideboob tattoo


Following Candy colored house sideboob tattoo works are now trending all over the web. Which are getting too much popularity among youngsters, who’s into colorful & subtle tattoos are in for a treat! really fresh and new to viewerws with geometric shapes added to make a colorful with the heart in the middle and shading with minimal to outlines at all (different from the old school traditional tattoo style.


Celtic Cross sideboob tattoo


Daggers pointing boob tattoo


We love Artist how creatively inked half women and deer face manipulates mixing of both contrasting to make a design appear 3D, yet the composition of such looks so impressive and conceptual. which mesmerizes viewer to its magic


3D Diamond sideboob tattoo


3D Man and Women Sideboob tattoo


Tribal dots sideboob tattoo


Bird sideboob tattoo


strawberry sideboob tattoo


Flower Pattern sideboob tattoo


Minimal Heart Sideboob tattoo


Tribal Pattern sideboob tattoo


color bee sideboob tattoo


marijuana leaf sideboob tattoo and peace hip tattoo



sideboob henna pattern tattoo


Lotus line sideboob tattoo


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