Single Page Design: A Perspective for Successful Product Marketing

Single Page Design - A Perspective for Successful Product Marketing

Technology is evolving and so are the ways of communication via internet. Gone are the days when multiple page websites were the only option to be used in website designs. In fact today single page websites are becoming much more popular and common. In simple terms it is a single HTML or dynamically generated page. The navigation is done by scrolling and you travel through different sections but remains on the same page. There are pros and cons but as I am myself a fan of single page websites please excuse me if you see hardly any cons here. Here are some of the reasons why I see the single page design as a perspective of successful product marketing.


Single page application, single page interface, single page website or one page website whatever you call it is the thing in demand and trend.

Easy navigation

In single page, navigation is far easy and smooth. Now multiple clicks are completely avoided and visitor is not forwarded to different pages. Visitors simply scroll down and jump to relevant sections which is called parallax elevator effect.

One product focus

If website is promoting single product single page website can be proved best choice. All the needed information is given at a single page. Of course, collaborating all the relevant information in one page is itself a piece of art.

Mobile users

It is always convenient to remain on single page when someone accesses the website via mobile. Of course mobile users will prefer scrolling instead of clicking and will not prefer wandering between pages.

Concentrated quality

When a designer needs to work on a single page then all the concentrated effort and creativity is implemented on a single page, making it much more innovative and fresh. Quality is important and can be beautifully introduced by putting all efforts and innovations to single page, making it best.

Boon for designers

Single page template is one key implementation; designer doesn’t have to worry about managing multiple keys as there is no need to switch pages.

Low maintenance

Obviously maintaining a single smart page is easier to maintain when compared to multiple pages and data links. The cost of maintenance is also low for a single page website.


Initial speed may not be as per the expectations but as there is one page to be loaded the need of multiple loads is not required i.e. visitor don’t have to wait every time for the new page to be loaded. Hence the overall speed is high for a single page website.

Better organized

As discussed before in case of single page; designers pay all their attention to single page and though it is challenging, a single page website is organized in a better way. Social media integration is easy when we talk about single page. It becomes the responsibility of the designer to take extra care when developing a single page website.

Well there is much more which goes in the favor of single page design like it is visually more interactive, can be made harmoniously colorful, there is a consistency in the style and as it is a single page the look and feel has to be fresh, giving it a unique expression and face.

Written by Amit Tripathi

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