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Sneak peek of New Adobe Photoshop CS5 Technologies

You can still be among the first to see a sneak peek of technologies from Adobe Photoshop Labs. What new Adobe Photoshop CS5 capabilities would to YOU like to see in the future?


The new brush tools aim to match that found within Corel’s Painter application. The video shows ‘wet’ paints being smudged, smeared and blended. It also shows an on-screen representation of the 3D properties of a brush, showing how it has been twisted to lay down different stroke types.

A similar system After Effects’ Puppet tool has been added to Photoshop CS5, enabling artists to warp image by placing pins into areas to lock them down, then moving the areas around them. An overlaid grid shows how the image is warped.


We isolate the bird, set the structural guides and Patchmatch do the rest. This new application is really powefull, anybody can do basic photo manipulation with just a few clicks. I strongly suggest you watch this video, you won´t stop drooling:

New Brushes & Wrap Tool

Photoshop CS 5 have a new brush system similar to Painter where you can visualize the brush and mix the colors in a physical way. We can use wet brushes so we will be able to get more organic renderings.

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