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So Many Watches, Not Enough Faces – Apple Watch

Customers have been waiting for a while for their favorite tech giant, Apple, to release its latest gadget, the long awaited Apple Watch. The release has finally happened, and the watch has sold out in a flash – selling more units in a day than the total Android Wear sales of last year. But many were disappointed by a restriction that was a bit unexpected: Apple won’t allow any custom watch faces to be installed on the device (image via shutterstock).


The Apple Watch comes with 10 pre-installed, default watch faces, and there is no other option for customizing the way the gadget shows its users the time. Not that the faces are not beautiful and creative – some of them are elegant, others are beautiful or cute, but none of them are really creative. Most of them are simple animated backgrounds with not much artistic edge. Most users are not quite content with the current selection of watch faces available for the Apple Watch, and would surely choose different – even third party – variants if Apple would allow them. But the tech giant won’t allow any apps with the goal of telling the time in its Watch app store, meaning that it keeps the privilege of providing users with different watch faces to itself (image via shutterstock).


According to some theories, Apple keeps watch faces under strict control because it plans to open a marketplace for them in the foreseeable future. Apple is said to have plans similar to Pebble, a smartwatch that has been released over a year before the Apple product, that has a store for developers and designers to show off – and sell – their work. I wonder if there is one that allows you to play your favourite casino games for free at red flush casino – I would almost surely buy that one. Apple is said to plan a similar move, offering developers and designers a chance to sell their watch faces in a way similar to apps through the App Store.

According to an interesting article I read, Apple does not need to offer its users custom watch faces from day one – instead it plans to wait until the millions of Apple Watch users will want them, and will be willing to pay good money for them. The article pegs a price of up to $10 for a well thought out and implemented watch face, which is a reasonable price, considering the average price of the device. I wonder if Apple will allow for users to really customize their watches by allowing them to use backgrounds like their personal photos of favorite wallpapers as backgrounds (image via shutterstock).


So, designers, be ready for the next flood of cash coming your way from Apple – the one generated by custom watch faces. Sometime in the future.

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