Stunning art from strange materials

Contemporary art now is very developed, artists were no longer tied to the classical art materials such as pencils or watercolors, the strange materials that has never been used in the past are preferred. Today, we will introduce to you 2 artists whose works are using materials that you might never think of, glass and iron.

Loren Stump and his glass works

Unlike many other artists often use cloth or wood, California painter – Loren Stump to choose a new material, completely unique – this is glass to express his ideas. Loren Stump share, he felt very interested in using a 4,000 years old technical method of glass from Middle East called Murrine.

Always learning and sharing his valuable self-taught knowledge, his works are now on display in many museums not only in America but throughout the world like the Corning Museum of Glass, The Ertz Israel Museum, and the Kyokei Fujita Glass Museum.

The portraits on tulle

Artist Benjamin Shine (UK) have used tulle to create amazing portraits look like 3-dimensional image.

Benjamin has used pieces of tulle to make works of art out of his heart. The iron is used to create the lines to form the image. Pencils and paint used to give his work a sense of 3-dimensional image.


Son Pham :