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Top 20 Stunning Education Website Designs for Inspiration

The design of the websites of universities and colleges needs to be perfect in order to attract students. Educational websites have an important role to play in career of students and often help them to find the right career. The design of the website is equally important and need not be overlooked. Here is the list of few educational website designs for inspiration.

Education Website Designs for Inspiration1.1

Education Website Designs for Inspiration

Education Website Designs for Inspiration1

This is the website of University of Applied Arts, Vienna. It has a solid background color and impresses many students and users. Other features of this website design are:

  • Simple spacing and typographic content
  • Background is contrasting with space
  • Background color changes with school
  • It uses grid system and column layout
  • It has header slideshows too

Full Sail University

Education Website Designs for Inspiration2

This website is designed for professionals who want to make career in film, entertainment or to similar industry.

  • The site has logo on the top
  • Below logo, there is menu bar and below menu bar you can find social sharing buttons

Undergrad Biola USA

Education Website Designs for Inspiration3

The colorful homepage of this website makes the homepage looks inviting to the users.

  • It has got menu bar on top right corner
  • You can see the sliding images below the menu bar

Virginia Commonwealth University

Education Website Designs for Inspiration4

It is a simple site whose design had been made attractive by a designer at a glance. The user can find it interesting somehow.

  • The logo is centre aligned and menu bar is just below the logo
  • Site has good combinations of colors and image grid based design

Education Website Designs for Inspiration5

The ULCA’s website design is an engaging design for the users and has contrasting colors. Other aspects of this design are:

  • The users can get excellent thumbnail imagery
  • Thumbnails are presented as horizontal slideshows
  • They had used the typography to best and design has white spaces

St Whites Primary School

Education Website Designs for Inspiration6

The green and blue shades in the site design make it ideal design for primary school children. The site has informative homepage with images.

Education Website Designs for Inspiration7

The Finish Academy for Fine Arts gives the best example of design with proper spacing. The user can read the content easily without getting confused.

  • They have highlighted author details, events, and other important things
  • They use light grey background to for defining content blocks
  • The menu is persistent and stays on top right corner

Maryland Institute College of Arts

Education Website Designs for Inspiration8

The background and design of site is kept minimal, but it still looks attractive. The design is image centered with little bit text on homepage and has logo in middle of website.

Education Website Designs for Inspiration9

This website has got contextual background with images and offers the opaque background to the content blocks and paras. It leaves all the area between paragraphs exposing background imagery.

  • Navigation is compacted into single block
  • Navigation bar is on top

The University of Texas

Education Website Designs for Inspiration10

The design is really simple and impressive. The homepage of site gives you the complete highlight of the website and also provides you with social links of the university.

Munich International School

Education Website Designs for Inspiration11

The website of this school is really interactive and full of attractiveness. The logo is marked at top left corner and menu bar is on right corner at top.

  • It has separate section for features news
  • The categories are displayed in right sidebar
  • The images are made attractive by putting them inside the circles

University of Melbourne

Education Website Designs for Inspiration12

The shades of blue color are well played in the site design. The design is very simple and front page has the informative links for the users with a slider.

Education Website Designs for Inspiration13

The Chicago Portfolio School has got a funny site design that impresses most of the users.

  • It showcase the intro video for the audience at background
  • This site relies on horizontal scrolls
  • It is a media rich website

Denver Seminary

Education Website Designs for Inspiration14

The site offers a front page video with small slider below the video. It also offers valuable content on the bottom with its social links.

Education Website Designs for Inspiration15

It is the most confident and cleanest educational website design by Boston University. It has got one of the best educational website designs.

  • It has the grid system based design
  • The typography and spacing between text is impressive
  • The menus and sub menus are spread to different sub space
  • Users can easily read through the site

Oregon State University

Education Website Designs for Inspiration16

The design has double menu bar and a front page slider. Below the slider you can find informative content in column grid format.

Education Website Designs for Inspiration17

This website is built in Drupal and HFK Bremen uses a clean and balanced design.

  • The site has got minimum interactive elements with maximum informative elements
  • It is fun to explore this site
  • The photos are full width touching the border

University of Minnesota

Education Website Designs for Inspiration18

The basic design of site is made attractive with front page featured slider and double menu bar. Further, it keeps you in touch with informative content at the bottom in column format.



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