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60 Stunning Hard Shadow Photos – Half-Shadow, Half-Light, Half Girl

Dark shadows can be downright creepy but a good creative photographer can make them meaningful, romantic and conceptual by using shadows in different shades and paterns . So get in touch with your other side and take some stunning hard shadow shots. Shadow science for photographers This handy dandy explanation of shadows will help you be in control. Shadows in your photos when you want them and only when you want them.

While strong use of shadows in color photographs tends to be mostly used in silhouettes, it can also appear in a variety of other forms in color photos as well. In my opinion though, shadows are most powerful when used in black and white photographs that’s why today we have decided to show the power of black and white photography in the form of hardshadow photos. Which are truly outstanding Shadow photos that make strong use of shadows in a variety of ways with the a message in the form of emotions.


Shadows create fascinating photos on their own, and they also are gorgeous when paired with their parent object “Humans” in general.


In the competitive world of commercial photography, each and every photographer need to come out with creative ideas to stands out in he crowd. Which can be anything¸ innovative photographic techniques include the skillful use of shadows on fashion models as shown here in this artile. Each and every hard shadow photo taken will show, his talent for visual experimentation will bring him a considerable respect from the league of photographers, fashion, beauty, magazine and advertising industries.


The difference between the picture and its shadow makes an amazing photograph. Do you have a beautiful photo archived away? If noth then you can take one as shown below by having patern shadows on the stunning model! really awesome shadow paterns making this out of this world.


What made this or that shadow? Take photos of shadows and see if you guys can guess what object cast which shadow in the following collection of hard shadow photos. Let us know

Black and White Hard Shadow Photos









Shoot Subjects in (Half-Shadow, Half-Light) hiding part of your subject in shadows adds mystery and drama to your photo. Try hiding different amounts of your subject’s face for a variety of effects. You’ll learn a lot about portrait lighting this way too and result photoshots will be outstanding. This split-light portrait example shots of shadow intrigue. Drama! Drama! Drama! in each and every photograph.






Shadows add facet and significance to an image. They can highlight Human emotions in the form Joy or Sadness, create concept & surreal impact on the images, and can be used in a limitless ways of imagination. beforeAnother fun and easy way to make scary shadow photos is with little ol’ harmless toys.








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