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Great Circle Biz Card

25+ Letterpress designs: King of all Printing Designs

25+ Letterpress designs: King of all Printing Designs

There are always some designs and trends which never go out of fashion or people never get bored form them. Letterpress designs are definitely one of those trends. Look at the style and feeling of these designs, how properly they are made and what feeling they radiate from their unique design feature. Every time we

Digital Imaging & Graphic Designing From Indonesia

This is the portfolio of Digital Mainstream and the artist behind it is Denny Budi Susetyo. About Danny. I’m digital artist and graphic designer based in Malang East Java, Indonesia. My current job is working as freelance graphic designer / Flash electronic magazine designer . Mostly my influences is the beautiful woman, fresh and colorful

A Comparison Between Information VS Experience

Of course, very few people are actually extremists. Structuralists accept that good presentation can enhance information, and presentationalists likewise accept that some structured information can enhance experience. Since HTML first became mainstream, with HTML version 2.0, there has been a struggle between the structure of a document and its presentation. This battle is symptomatic of