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Magical Mixture of Illustration and Photo Manipulations by Craig Shields

Magical Mixture of Illustration and Photo Manipulations by Craig Shields

It’s really Magical photo manipulations by our today’s featured creative artist of the week “Craig Shields”  on lava360.com from all the way from York, West Yorkshire, UK. Hope you will like his work and if you want to follow his latest artwork then please follow him on links at the bottom of post. Milky Gaze


Beautiful Illustration Portraits for T-shirt Prints

What’s Illustration art? a bit of creation, lots of love, adobe illustrator and music. Illustrations instead of working with hand and brush, Artistist uses monitor and Adobe Illustrator to create stunning piece of artwork. Using the creation of computer our way of life have totally transformed, no-one can deny the significance of it but for

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30+ Impressive Editorial illustration Artwork

Illustration Art is really a diverse area and getting popular day by day and in demand mostly for print media specially news papers and magazines. For example Editorial Illustration art is having impressionism, expressionism, romanticism, pointillism, folk art, cubism, and realism. The most famous types of Editorial Illustration artwork includes, social, political presentational, people, other

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25 Really Red Hot Vintage Style Pinup Illustrations

Good Illustrations always leave a long lasting impression on viewers, being a illustration artwork fan today I have decided to showcase 25 Really Red Hot Vintage Style Pinup Illustrations. Which are not doubt once of the best illustrations ever created in Illustrator by any Artist which you might have never seen before. These illustration are


45 Incredible Surreal Illustrations by Ruben Ireland

Ruben Ireland is a UK Based Graphic designer having the best name- is an illustrator of strength. Whose artwork is interesting mixture of painting, photography and sculpturing combining surrealism and realism with too much details in a simplest way. There is strength in the jaw-lines of his portraits, in the graphic execution of the finished

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30 Really Inspiring And Unique Portrait Illustrations

Today we have showcased stunning examples of portrait illustrations twisted by some famous artists. Portrait illustration has been one of the most fast growing art forms of modern years. Basically illustration requires creativity, good knowledge in software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator. Artists push boundaries and realize the capabilities of computer-based image.  These all illustration images

50 Really Creative And Interesting Illustrations

An illustration is a displayed visualization  form presented as a drawing , painting, photograph.Digital illustration has been one of the most quickly evolving art forms of modern years, as technology and software improves, creation Creating . Illustration requires creativity, good knowledge in software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.Today we made post on 50 Really Creative And Interesting Illustrations..behance

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25+ Most Creative Paper-Cut illustrations

Here we have composed most creative paper-cut illustration Artwork to inspire you and let you see what other artists are doing with paper all around the world. Many people think that paper art only comprises drawing, sketching and painting but some talented artists have taken this ordinary form of art to the next level of