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Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber12

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber: 30 Pics

Sensual Fashion Photography by Bruce Weber: 30 Pics

Bruce Weber is an American fashion photographer as well as he is an occasional filmmaker. He is renowned for his ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Revlon, Calvin Klein, Pirelli, Gianni Versace, Abercrombie & Fitch as well as for his unbeatable work for GQ, Life, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, Rolling Stone and interview magazines. He is

Pregnancy Photography Examples7

35 Astonishing Pregnancy Photography Examples

The pregnancy photography or most popularly known as “Baby Bump Photography” trends showcase expecting mothers in an artistic setting. Many pregnant women are choosing to take portraits as a way to remember and cherish the exciting stage in their lives. These pregnancy pictures and even videos are sweet. Many artists are like to capturing the

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Award Winning National Geography Photos: 35 Pics

National Geography Society based in United States, it is a non profit society. The main interest of the society is geography, archaeology and natural science. It promotes the conservation of environment and also studies the world culture and history. Majorly it has been one of the major societies, working with motives of promoting the environmental

Talented Photographers in the world1

Top 12 Talented Photographers in the world

Photography is the art to capture the emotions. One can easily capture different shades and memories of life in a photograph. A photographer is a person, who is expert in capturing the best photographs even in uneven conditions for photography. The photographer must be experimental and clean in his/her approach. Photography needs to be perfect