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ignore this shit - Strange Conceptual Photography

40 Strange Conceptual Photograph’s That Will Stun You

40 Strange Conceptual Photograph’s That Will Stun You

Conceptual photography is one of the most genre of photography which is shot and staged entirely as per the vision or concept of the photographer (that’s why called Conceptual Photography). Mostly Photographer try to show us things which they feel around us in our society – as mostly it is imaginative but most of the


Wonderful Astrophograph’s of 2014 and tips to be an Astrophotographer

After viewing featured photos, first thought come to my mind how I can be an astrophotographer? or How to take astronomy photographs? but not sure what I need to follow, how it’s done and what equipment do I need? Took some pics with my digitial slr camera but all are showing just pitch black, not

Best Indoor Photography27

40 Best Indoor Photography: Capturing Photo Inside

Photography is a creative art. It may appear to be very simple but the fact is that it’s really difficult. Photographer who laid more emphasis on Outdoor Photography however finds it somehow simple as they can capture the natural gifts of nature. While Indoor Photographers find it difficult to capture images. They are very restricted


Some of the Best Photos From National Geographic

Today for you daily inspiration dose of Photography, we have showcased some of the best and truly amazing photo from National Geographic Society. The National Geographic Society‘s historical mission is “to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world’s cultural, historical, and natural resources. Hope you will like these stunning photos

Best Website Builders for Photographers1.1

Top 15 Best Website Builders for Photographers

If you are a photographer and are searching for a good website builder then you have arrived at right place. There are number of photography website builders that are available for the photographers. Photographers need to display their work to the customers. Carrying photos all together can be hectic. But, creating a website through website