Top 12 Talented Photographers in the world

Photography is the art to capture the emotions. One can easily capture different shades and memories of life in a photograph. A photographer is a person, who is expert in capturing the best photographs even in uneven conditions for photography. The photographer must be experimental and clean in his/her approach. Photography needs to be perfect because every moment is special in life. The emotion behind the moment must be captured sincerely. The professional photographers are expert in capturing some of the best photos and amazing you with their photography. Here is the list of some of the most talented photographer in the world that ever existed. These are/were the most famous photographers of their time.

Talented Photographers in the world1

Talented Photographers in the world

Ryan Brenizer

Talented Photographers in the world2

Ryan has a good photographic resume and a photography technique had also been named after his name.

  • He is expert in shooting visible emotions
  • He had even shot hundred of weddings
  • He gave the method to capture panoramic portraits with shallow depth called Brenizer method
  • He is the award winning member form Wedding Photojournalist Association

Sarah Cheng-De Winne

Talented Photographers in the world3

She is a popular freelance photography artist who loves to capture different photographs for people.

  • She is vastly experienced in fashion, portraiture, and conceptual photography
  • She always discovered great ways for representing different photographs

Levi Stolove

Talented Photographers in the world4

He had been in the field of photography since he was 13 year of age. This hobby of Levi turned to a great career.

  • He displayed great photographs captured with emotions
  • He is also the award winning member from Photojournalist Association

Mario Testino

Talented Photographers in the world5

Mario was born on year 1954 and is one of the best photographers of the world. He had amazed the fashion world with his amazing photography.

  • He is perfect at capturing the glamorous and flattering fashion photographs of beautiful women
  • He had also done many advertising campaigns for big brand names like Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci

Samm Blake

Talented Photographers in the world6

She started photography at her early age and got the degree in Photography and Journalism from Australia.

  • Her photography technique is a good combination of documentary and artistry
  • She had been presented with number of photography awards
  • She is the top wedding photographer in America

Sebastiao Salgado

Talented Photographers in the world7

Salgado was born in year 1944 and has a great and successful career working as an economist.

  • He became a photojournalists in year 1973
  • He had carried out many projects throughout the world
  • He had highlighted social injustice and poverty with his photography

Emin Kuliyev

Talented Photographers in the world8.1

Emin is the award winning photographer, who had begun photography over a decade.

  • He used background in graphic design
  • He has the exceptional sense of timing in capturing the photograph
  • He had received many awards

Lee Towndrow

Talented Photographers in the world9

He was a designer before starting photography. He used to design the album covers before moving to photography.

  • He was moved by the kissing robots to become a flame artist
  • He created to dark room to learn photography and make bread
  • He also moved to Buenos Aires to grow up
  • He also learned Spanish and worked with great artists to become a perfect photographer

Larry Burrows

Talented Photographers in the world10.1

Larry burrows was born in year 1926 and had a very short career as a photographer. He died in year 1971.

  • He is one of the greatest war photographers
  • He had given hard hitting photos for LIFE magazine
  • He brought public opinion against the Vietnam war through his photography and covered it for around 9 years

Bill Brandt

Talented Photographers in the world10

He is another great photographer born in year 1904. He is typically a German photographer, who had his own distinctive vision.

  • He had created many atmospheric images, while working in diverse genres
  • He is expert in portraiture photography, figure studies, and even at social documentaries

Man Ray

Talented Photographers in the world11

He was born in year 1890 and was one of the most creative and surrealist influenced photographer.

  • His popular images had been the result of experiments with the photograms and solarisation
  • He mastered the technique of partially and completely inverting the image

Elizabeth Lloyd

Talented Photographers in the world12

She started her career as a documentary styled photographer shooting fine art and editorial wedding photographs.

  • Her major aim is to create the photographs that are just timeless and will affect the generations
  • She is award winning member from International society of Professional Photographers

David Lindsey Wade

Talented Photographers in the world13

David Lindsey Wade made some important choices in his life and went against his parents to choose photography as profession.

  • He was raised by a pair of artists and his way was quite challenging to his parents
  • He was interested in machine photography
  • He captured some of the most stunning photographs of machine and machineries that were working at high speed



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