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Ten Super Tips to Improve Website Speed: Must Apply

There are number of blogs that are emerging every day to the internet. The competition over the internet is growing with each passing day. The blogs need to be optimized in terms of SEO and performance. SEO is one of the most widely looked factors by the webmasters over the internet. But, most of them overlooks to the site performance and other factors that may lead to improvement of site speed. Some of these important tips to improve website speed are listed below. These are as follows:

Tips to Improve Website Speed1.1

Tips to Improve Website Speed

Resize all the Images

Tips to Improve Website Speed1

Images are one of the most common reasons that may be responsible for slowing down of site speed. Heavy images tend to take too much of time while loading and this slows down the site speed and divert the visitor to some other website. It is really important to resize all the bigger images on your website to small sizes.

  • Image between 10Kb to 50Kb is a good option
  • Images must be compressed before you upload them to your site
  • You must resize all the heavy and larger images on your website to minimal compression

Reduce Http Requests

Tips to Improve Website Speed2

Using more text rather than images will help you to reduce the HTTP requests and this will automatically improve your site speed. Whenever a visitor reaches your page and opens it, all the content of your page is downloaded. So the images tend to take a little more time to download than the text. SO you must:

  • Avoid big size images on your site
  • Try to use minimum number of images on your page

Disable HotLinking

Tips to Improve Website Speed3

Hotlinking is popularly called as bandwidth theft. It is the process in which other websites direct links to their images on your site. Therefore, this increases the load time of your website.

  • Your server might not hold up with too much hotlinking, so disable it
  • Hotlinking with lead to slowing down of your site, so don’t allow anyone to do it

Choose a Good Hosting Company

Tips to Improve Website Speed4

It is one of the obvious reasons for slow website speeds. Sometimes, the hosting companies put too many websites on a single server beyond its capacity. And when all the sites open together on that server, it tends to slow down the site loading time. Sometimes, the server may crash down. It is recommended to choose a good hosting company so that you are not fooled by them.

Split up the long posts in Different Pages

Tips to Improve Website Speed5

Suppose, you are making a long list of some resources that you want to post as an article, your article may contain many images. So, in order to avoid high loading time of your site, you can split the content of that article into pages. This will help you to make your page open faster and quickly.

  • You can do this from your wordpress admin panel
  • This will also increase your pageviews
  • You just need to use the shortcode <!—nextpage–> in order to break the content to different pages

Optimize MySQL Database

Tips to Improve Website Speed6

This can surely make a difference in page loading tie of your website. You can do this manually or you can install the plugin for this.

  • If you do this manually, you need to go to phpMyAdmin in cPanel of your site and select your database. Click check all for selecting all tables. Now click ‘Optimize Tables’ there.
  • You can even install WP Optimize plugin to do so

Reduce use of External Scripts and Websites

Tips to Improve Website Speed7

You must not rely on any external script or any heavy plugin. Sometimes these scripts cause the site to load slowly and this diverts your traffic. Displaying different widgets from external websites is the reason for slowing down of your site. Avoid it, if possible.

Add Expires Header to Static Resources

Tips to Improve Website Speed8

It is a nice way to specify the time in future so that visitors do not have to re-fetch static content. This will easily cut your site loading time and improve it significantly.


Tips to Improve Website Speed9

CDN is the content delivery network, which is usually the collection of web servers that are distributed in multiple locations for delivering the content to users.

  • Using CDN you can upload the image their and still allow the image to open on your site
  • This reduces your site loading time

Use W3 Total Cache Plugin

Tips to Improve Website Speed10

This is great plugin if you wish to improve the site speed f your wordpress site. Just install this plugin and it will reduce the loading time of your site effectively. This will help the visitors to be served easily without requiring the database on server to generate the pages every time they visit your site.



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