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Ten Things you don’t know your iPhone can do

In the world of android smartphones, there are many people who own iPhones. Some of the iPhone owners think that they should have an android smartphone due to a number of features that android provides.

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But do you know that there are some very special tasks that the iPhone can perform for you and you are not aware of it?

Things you don’t know your iPhone can do

Making the correct pronunciation


Do you know that you canget proper pronunciation of a word in English, the way you like, on your iPhone? If you have the software SIRI on your iPhone and you are getting annoyed often by the pronunciation offered, then you can correct it. The software will detect your pronunciation and then will offer you a number of options from where you can choose the correct one.

Need for level

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Do you need a level screen for a project while you at home? The compass application that is there on your iPhone can help you in this regard. Just open the application and as you swipe to the left side you will get a level screen for your project. Mobile applications are worth for us and why don’t you check out these mobile apps.

Better Vibrations

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Have you ever thought that your phone can have different vibration alerts, the way you have different ringtones? So, iPhone has such feature for you. You can simply go to the sound settings and can create new vibrations and name them to save. Now you can use different vibrations alerts for different events such as calls, messages, mails and others while you are at office and do not want to get a loud ringing noise.

Controlling camera with headphones

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Now, after selfie, it is the time for group selfie. And this becomes a trouble when you have a big group and your arms are not going much far so that you can cover the whole group. So, again iPhone has a solution for this problem. You can use your headphones volume buttons to click a picture while such situation.

Blocking contacts

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There can be times when you are getting constant calls and messages from a particular contact that you do not wish to entertain. You have requested and even threatened that particular person to not to irritate you but the situation is still the same. So, now your iPhone can come to your rescue. Simply with the help of the ‘I’ button beside your calls, you can block that particular contact so that you don’t get any calls and messages anymore.

Sleep Timer

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Often people start listening to music on bed and then they go to sleep without being aware that the music is still on. It will drain all your battery and then the next morning, when you get up, you will find your phone switched off. But if you have iPhone you have another alternative. When you are listening to music set timing for the music to stop automatically after a set time, for incase you go to sleep.

Faster power up

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You are late for your office and your iPhone has no battery in it. Relax! Put your iPhone on airplane mode and then put in on charge. Now check, how fast your device gets charged.

Timing for all the texts

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Sometimes the timing of various texts becomes important to take an important decision. With iPhone you can check individually the timing of all your texts from your backlogging by simply sliding the text to your left.

Hidden messages

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Some people have a habit of peeping into your phone whenever a text arrives. If you are annoyed with such people around you and you don’t want them to have a look at your texts, then there is a simple way for the iPhone users among various iPhone less known features. Go to settings and disable the home screen preview. Now whenever a text arrives, it will be displayed only in the form of iMessage.

Getting reminded

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in the busy schedule, people often tend to forget some of the important or small things of daily activities. You wife said you to get some fresh lettuce from the grocery store on the way while returning from office, but you forgot. So, now iPhone will help you in reminding you these small things. Just enable the geofence feature and add the details for a particular location such as you can add ‘buying lettuce’ to the location grocery. So, now when you will pass by the grocery shop, you will get a reminder from the iPhone to get the lettuce.

So, now you can see that there are a number of things that your iPhone can do to help you. Here, you can get best gaming laptops so you will know the entertaining aspect of gadgets.  And here, you can get  Though here, it is only a list of things you don’t know your iPhone can do, but if you check properly the settings and features of your device, you can come up with even more other functions.



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