The Best 2021 Super Bowl Highlights

American football has been one of the most celebrated sports in history. The odd part is that you can mostly get to find it on American soil only. But, maybe you can also get to play it on your favorite online casino slots as well. The super bowl has grabbed a lot of attention in the entertainment world and if you missed out this year here are some of the highlights.

A 2nd Super Bowl Win for the Buccaneers

Winning the Super Bowl more than once is considered to be such a great improvement when it comes to American Football. Getting into the Super bowl in the first place is not that smooth. Therefore, the Tempa Bay Buccaneers are quite elated for getting to win this title for the second time now. The team got to beat the Kansas City chiefs 31-9. These are the lowest points that the Kansas City team has ever gotten with Patrick Mahomes as their start. Did you know that at cancasinos you can now bet on other sports besides American football games or players.

The Best of Tom Brady’s Career

Tom Brady surely made the best performance and got to level up in his career. The player was playing his 10th super bowl match and now has the record breaking 7 NFL championships in his career. The best so far has been the six wins from Forrest Gregg, Herb Adderley and Fuzzy Thurston. Brady also managed to add on to the Most Voted Player awards with his third win. The player managed to pass three touchdowns within the first half of the match.

The Weekend’s Halftime Performance

Getting to perform at the super bowl is held with such high esteem in the music industry. Only the best and the legends have been called to make an appearance. The Weekend has been making quite the headlines for the past few weeks. And, not all of them have been good. But, he managed to give a stellar performance at his super bowl halftime performance.

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