The Quintessential Elements of a Great Web Design

Web designing is a vast field and when it comes to web world, a lot of major and minor things are involved. However, anything can be done if it is dealt in an organized way. In this article we will be dividing web design procedure into four key components and if you are able to execute them in a proper way, you will end up with a perfect web design. Now, once you decide to work on four components make sure you work on all of them with sheer dedication because if you go wrong with even one, your design will definitely suffer. You need to understand that all the four quintessential elements will complement one another so you need to focus on getting all of them right if you want to get your dream design complete.

Layout – the Foundation

Always remember that in order to make anything strong you need to have a strong foundation for your website. This applies to everything and is not limited to web designing. If your foundation is weak, everything that is built upon that foundation will eventually fall into pieces. When it comes to web design, layout is obviously considered as a foundation. Your layout will define the placement of the content on your website so every decision should be made carefully. Before designing a layout you need to understand your target audience and then design it accordingly. Once you understand the audience you are going to target, designing a hierarchy will become a lot easier.

Creating a Wireframe

As a designer, you must be aware of the term wireframe. Before working on actual layout, designers create a wireframe of the entire layout. It can be said that wireframe is basically a partially assembled platform of an entire website. The best thing about creating a wireframe is that you do not get too caught up in color schemes and other design elements. Your focus should remain on keeping things simple.

Using Negative Space Positively

Excess of anything is bad. If your website is way too crowded, you will only end up annoying your user. If you want a great layout, you need to use the negative space or white space very wisely. Adding everything in a website to make it look beautiful is not going to serve the purpose. Give your pages some space to breathe and your viewers too. An overcrowded page is nothing but a big distraction for your visitor.  If you want to have a sophisticated design, leave white space in your layout.

Typography – Make sure it is Effective

The main reason why anyone would visit your site would be the content. Apart from providing the quality content, you should also focus on using effective typography as it is one of the four key components. The typography on your website should be easily readable for the user. Also, you need to analyze the font size for the paragraphs and the headings. Have a clear hierarchy is not only important while laying a foundation. It plays an important role in typography as well. Distinguishing the headings from paragraphs, knowing when and where to use caps, correct usage of bold and italic is also very important.

Make sure it is Understandable

The readable text is not only limited to the kind of font selected. There are various factors that you need to consider too. For instance, the contrast of the background color and text should complement each other otherwise it will make reading very difficult for the reader. Apart from the contrast, the line spacing is another important factor. The amount of line spacing should be appropriate enough. The general line spacing used is 1.5 and is considered ideal for any website. If you are confused about what to use and what not to, you can simply visit different websites or do a good research on typography. A lot of good information is available.

Selection of Color Scheme

Once you are done with the layout and typography, the very next important thing is the correct selection of color scheme. The color scheme should be welcoming as it is going to set the mood of your design. Also, odd color schemes are a huge turn off for all visitors despite the fact that you have provided quality content which is worth reading. As a designer, you should be professional enough to follow the guidelines of the website, product you are working for so the color scheme should not be based on your personal preferences. Your color scheme should be according to the website and the target audience.

It’s good to be different

As a designer, people and your client would love to see your creativity. Avoid going with the most common color schemes. If the theme of the website demands a common color scheme then you should go for it otherwise, it is important for you to come up with something different and unique which is never seen before. But whatsoever you decide, your color combinations should be soothing to the eyes of the visitor and should complement the entire theme of the website.

Less is Actually More

Sometimes, people tend to go over the top while creating something in the hope that it will make it look far better. This is a very wrong strategy when it comes to designing or any other thing as a matter of fact. Always remember that less is more and sometime the minimum color palette can do wonders for your website in comparison to a lot of different colors. Poor color schemes can turn your website into a disaster which you surely would not want. You can even get online help in order to develop harmony among your color schemes. A nice color combination can be a very positive effect on your website so be very careful while selection color schemes. Users like to stay on a website that is pleasing to the eye.

Importance of Design Elements

When it comes to design elements, this is exactly where you can show all your creativity and enjoy designing. Set your creativity free and come up with some amazing textures and patterns for your web design. However, you should not forget the importance of consistency. Any design needs consistency so your patterns and textures should set the mood of entire design instead of disturbing it. The design elements should not only be consistent with the overall design but you should keep in mind the above mentioned other three key components while designing elements.

Pay Attention to Minor Details

A common man might not understand if your website is just flawless or not. However, as a designer, for your own satisfaction, give attention to each and every detail. Your design elements should be pixel perfect and totally in harmony with the rest of the design.


Above mentioned points can really help you in coming up with a great design. All you need to do is get organized and follow all four key components and you will be a proud owner of a great web design and that too without much of a hassle. These key components can be considered as the basics of any web design.



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