The Theory of Colors in Web Design


Colors are a source of joy. They refresh the mood and can attract someone’s attention easily. They can express emotions such as happiness, anger, excitement, etc.

With other elements, colors play an important role in designing the web as well. The theory of colors can help you in making your website attractive and elegant, or can spoil its design. Colors help in making and maintaining the ambiance of your website. They work well when you want to select a great theme for your web site (image via shutterstock).

Color Wheel

Relation of Colors with Emotions:

Colors have a great impact on one’s mind. They can make you happy or spoil your mood if they are harsh. Same is true for web designing. For example if a visitor sees a harsh red color in your website, it will, perhaps, make the mood of the visitor angry, while light blue color will make him/her calm and patient. If the colors are selected in a right way, then the harmony of these colors will give great results and visitors will visit your website again and again. In this way you can gain a lot of traffic.

What is The Theory of Colors?

Some people are good in selecting colors for their website and they end up designing their website in a very elegant way. But all people are not same. Some people don’t know the meaning of color theory in design.


Basically the theory of colors include whole of science and understanding the color scheme. But for web designing, it means the interaction of the colors in a way that the website attracts visitors towards its content and product. This task can be performed by the proper use of contrast, use of color schemes and vibrancy features.

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