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The top 5 online marketing trends that will dominate 2015

The top 5 online marketing trends that will dominate 2015

In recent years, marketing  web and online marketing in general has many rapid changes. Some of these strategies become obsolete as an alternative to new trends more effectively. 2015 promises to bring more prominent trends Online Marketing and powerful on [Internet].


1) Marketing content is more important than ever

One of the main ways that companies are setting up power and gain trust with consumers is always creating valuable content through various channels such as on web design, social media … This allowing companies to build strong relationships and develop customer loyalty.

According to research, strategy leading B2B marketing content including social media, articles on the site now, eNewsletters, case studies, videos and articles on other sites.


By using one or more of these channels, businesses can build a good reputation in their sector. This trend suggests that marketing to the public through such techniques as the TV ads and radio ads are becoming less effective. Instead, one should focus on inbound marketing, by creating valuable content, attractive design for a specific customer.

2) Diversity in Marketing Social Media

Media websites social networks are appearing more and more popular and tends. These sites have given businesses a lot of new options that allow them to create compelling content in a variety of forms of communication and build their audiences through multiple channels than ever before.


Therefore, social networking media are popular with businesses in expanding markets and test new forms of communication to maximize their number of users. Diversification seems to prove effective in many companies because it typically build brand equity by making it easier for consumers to identify specific brands.

3) Content-friendly mobility is necessary


With the popularity of mobile devices and increasing popularity, creating content displayed friendly mobile access. According to Forbes, “87% of connected devices sales in 2017 will be tablets and smartphones.” Whether it is creating a mobile version of a site replacement or adaptive web design, it is important to provide a positive experience for the user is accessed through mobile devices action. If not done, you can easily lose customers to competitors hand, those who have adapted to this trend.

4) Marketing Retargeting will increasingly effective

This is a marketing strategy has really developed recently. It works by using cookies to track browsing websites that users visit. Once they leave a certain site, products or services that they see will be shown to them again in the ads on various websites.


This is a very effective technique. With only 2% of web traffic switch on the first visit, advertise Retargeting works to increase overall conversion rate by reminding consumers of the products or services that they see. This will help the brand and the products are always present in the minds of consumers. Even the psychological studies have shown that simple exposure to the brand name and logo creates familiarity, which build trust and create more likely to make purchases.

Even if no immediate purchase, this really can bring lasting benefits. Many marketers continue to use this strategy Retargeting ads, so it can become mainstream in 2015.

5) SEO and social media increasingly combine well together

Today, the undeniable social networks play an important role in search rankings, becoming one of the three pillars of SEO. Since the purpose of Google and other search engines is to provide quality content that is most relevant and highest possible for our users, so why would they pay attention to the amount of social sharing an article blogs, articles or products received.


The more people share content, it proves it has a higher quality and therefore its place will rise in the results pages of search engines. It is no coincidence that the top search results tend to have a lot of social sharing, while the lower ranked article has little to share.

Besides, social sharing could be considered as a certificate (for example, a reliable signal) for visitor to a page destination. If they see that it has hundreds or thousands of shares, then surely that content valuable. That’s the big reason why a lot of businesses are setting social plugins and encourage consumers to share as much as possible.

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