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The web design trends to follow in the coming year, 2015: 3 Tips for Designers

Since the inception of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) we have seen the website design trends change a number of times. From the purely text based web in the 1990s to the flash and animation laden websites of the 2000s, and the light and responsive websites of today, we have seen loads of more or less useful and fashionable things crammed into our browser windows.

Now let’s take a quick look on what’s next – the web design trends we are to expect in the coming year, 2015.

Responsive and cross-platform design

I remember how much I hated websites that told me that I should use them with a certain screen resolution on a certain browser. I was kind of a rebel myself – I used to hate Internet Explorer, and used Netscape and Opera instead. Of course, the websites designed for IE were ugly on these.

Responsive and cross-platform design

In time designers have learned – by trial and error – that it’s never a good thing to work for a single resolution and a single browser. They worked around the glitches and different standards, and they have created cross-platform solutions, so that every website can work in every browser image via shutterstock

Also, designers will focus more on the responsiveness of the website, allowing it to detect the device or the screen resolution it runs on, and adapt to it. That’s a good thing, too – some of the leading online services tend to forget about this important issue, and completely lack a mobile version of their website.

Text and fonts

For years we had just a handful of web-safe fonts to work with. Then came Google with its Fonts service, offering not just a series of great and open typefaces to choose from, but also the possibility to link these directly from them to a web design, so that they will be accessible from anywhere, to everyone image via shutterstock.

text and font webdesign

Today we use fonts much more easily – this allows us to give more personality to our website designs and express ourselves in a much more complete way. Today we can buy font packs for just a few bucks, or use one of the open source ones available online.

Next year this trend will go on, and even extend, with designers using various open typefaces much more freely.

High impact, large images

Have you ever seen a website on a high resolution screen with just a “sign in” form on it? It was so flat, boring, not making use of the loads of space available. For some time now designers tend to use this space – fill it up with a large background image that is expressive and makes an impression.

High impact, large images

This technique will be used with pleasure by next year’s web designers, making use of the lots of free space available due to the higher resolutions used by the consumers – us image via shutterstock.

Next year will be a good, challenging time for web designers. We will probably see the first 13.1″ tablets appear, opening up new ways for the mobile designers. I hope we can enjoy a variety of fair and safe casino games at, our news, services, social interactions and games on a responsive, flat, high impact website.

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