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30 Best Fantasy Theme Based CG Artworks and Paintings

The impact of digital technology has transformed traditional activities such as painting, drawing and sculpture, while new forms, such as net art, digital installation art, and virtual reality, have become recognized artistic practices. Here I have collected 30 Out-standing  and Best Fantasy Theme Based CG Artworks and Paintings of prominent digital artists and painters which are story and theme based, hope you like their work.

1. Steampunk Myths and Legends(Stymphalian birds)

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

In Greek mythology, Stymphalian birds were man-eating birds with wings of brass and sharp metallic feathers they could launch at their victims, and were pets of Ares, the god of war. Furthermore, their dung was highly toxic. They had migrated to Lake Stymphalia in Arcadia to escape a pack of wolves, and bred quickly and took over the countryside, destroying local crops and fruit trees. Ridding the land of these birds was one of Heracles’ Twelve Labors, and some sources claim the Stymphalian birds were the same avians that attacked the Argonauts.

2. oerba yun fang-final fantasy XIII

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

hi everybody hier is – Oerba Yun Fang-FF Redesign contest, she is from fantasy XIII. i hope you like it

3. The Dumb Knight

The Dumb Knight

the dumb knight, in this case i just trying something different then other people do, usualy the knight must be strong,cruel, brutal, stingy, miserly,fierce,hogwild,crazy etc


best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

Between late autumn and early spring is the most exiting time for this species, because most temperate species of frogs reproduce and grow at this time. at this time they enjoy and take a break from fighting,no sword no armor no pain etc, they have a quite long tongue which they can move quickly, the frogs have no chance to run away,probably just if they´re lucky.

5. My Heart Like Ruins

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

In Greek mythology, a nymph is any member of a large class of mythological entities in human female form. They were typically associated with a particular location or landform. Others were part of the retinue of a god, such as Dionysus, Hermes, or Pan, or a goddess, generally Artemis. Nymphs were the frequent target of satyrs.

Nymphs live in mountains and groves, by springs and rivers, and in valleys and cool grottoes. They are frequently associated with the superior divinities: the huntress Artemis; the prophetic Apollo; the reveller and god of wine, Dionysus; and rustic gods such as Pan and Hermes.

6. True Love

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

I’m alive, new painting for the winter. Speed Painting – Wacom intuos 3, Photoshop Cs5

7. The Dryad Project

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

This is a cover illustration that I made for fantasy novel “The Dryad Project” by great author James D. Moy

8. Baalhu

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

She is Baalhu, one of the Ancients. Legends say she dwells in the mountains, waiting for the brave and desperate to seek her out. She richly rewards those who find her, granting them anything they desire… and taking their souls as payment. Before they die, those mortals are forced to return to her. She places their souls into the bodies of bluebirds, cuts out the heart – – staining their chests red – – and sets them free into the world to be her eyes and ears.

Never tell a secret when there are bluebirds nearby. She might hear you.

9. Beckoning ancient depths

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

Is a personal work. When I started the image, I had no clue how the final result would come up.

10. Spectacular2d-”dragon Crash”

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

On searches of the gone dragon by name “Zigfried”, left the king of hamsters “Sigismund fourth”
the leader of the order of iridescent hamster (this the ancient cult of the hamster- fanatics considering itself the true soldiers of light). After taking with itself the most loyal soldiers: daring Samurai “Hairy ear” the powerful soldier “BIGtooth”, fearless and courageous kamikadze “Hamsterfly” even one large “squirrel the horseman”. they left in the way! By the rumors reached from the adjacent kingdom, dragon was noted next to the castle located in the possession of Sigismund’s old friend – lord “Gopher”!
At that time the lord Gopher was in the military march, and using this, dragon Zigfried after breaking one of the towers of the castle reached the wine cellar and randomly trampled the granary….
As you already know, granary for the hamsters is this sacred thing almost the same as statue of the godly iridescent rodent, After this news our courageous heroes began crazy furious, But to capture dragon, it is sufficiently difficult….therefore after developing artful plan… they got to work ….sequential time after flying in into the already native wine cellar, Zigfried is opened the bottle of “Chateau Tour Verite, Bordeaux ” but instead of the cool and astringent wine, there is something small and furry fell on him, and suddenly engage him directly in the nose, from the shock and the weekly hangover, dragon jumped out from the tower and even could not fly further events you can see on the engraving of16 centuries completed by one of the participants, (hamsterfly) he are only one, who had luck not to arrive in hospital….

11. Xava: War Drummer

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

Xava, to them the drum is a very important item, far more than a ‘simple’ musical instrument, it connects villages over distance, it marks all kind of ceremonies and occasions, from births to naming days, coming of age, weddings, healing rituals, funerals… in the hands of a skilled player a drum can laugh, sing and cry. In the hands of a spirit-inspired player, one of the very few hereditary shaman-drummers a drum is a thing of awe, power… and fear.

The Xava are a peaceful people, the young sometimes organize incursions into other villages to prove themselves by stealing food of animals without being caught, but those are tests of skill that, barring incidents, cause no bloodshed. Sometimes though they have to defend themselves from Ubaara raiding parties, bent on sacking or kidnapping and, in the unlucky case an Ubaara queen comes to brood too near a village, the Xava go to war, and their shaman-drummers with them.

Special thanks to my lovely collegue Kirsi Salonen for modeling the drummer, I couldn’t have hoped for a better model than a wonderfully talented fellow artist.
If you don’t know her works, do yourself a favor and check them out, either in her gallery here or at

12. Spartan warriors

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

A tribute to the film 300. Located in thermopylae appear Toni Pérez, his wife Lidia Miralpeix and their dogs. They have killed thousand of persians and now they are taking a break.

13. 10 Hands Deity

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

Long time never apdate anything, just have done new illustration for my own book illustration project,

the inspiration was coming from my wife, i feel that she has more then two hands,she is doing this and that, amazing!
one day i have to be alone at home with two kids and job for two weeks,at that times i feel i need 8 extra hands for handle everything thats everything in order.he…he…,i am happy she is back already.

14. Gefardin

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

This is an illustration for my personal book project.
this creature is mixing between beautiful woman and beautiful gefard. nothing special behind. I am not using reference for this illustration, just starting with doodle on the paper and coloring in photoshop

15. The ‘SECRET’ Secret Agent

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

The secret agent ignored the explosions. He ignored the fire… the screaming… the blaring horns… the half naked woman clutching his bulging muscles. Time stood still.
Mustering all of his internal fortitude and visualization skill, the agent triumphantly tuned out the world and focused solely on his objective.

He ignored the witnesses. He became deaf to the angry voices. Threats bounced off of his ego like bullets hitting Kevlar. The laughter bounced too. Nothing could penetrate his mental defenses and reveal his secret identity. Nothing! Not even the reality that all of this, everything, existed only in one exotic locale… his IMAGINATION.

16. hot summer day

Wolves and Rabbits are disputing the World.
For a long time Wolves ruled all the territory but the rabbits rise as opponents to the dictators, apparently with success.
Wolves suffered terrible losses in battle and heard rumors that the rabbit army constructed a menacing long range shooting vehicle code name Wolf Redeemer to conquer the World, capable of bringing a despair storm to whatever troops that its cannon is pointed, so wolves sent a highly trained and mean agent to gather all information possible even if that costs his own life.

17. Bladerunner

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

This one was my entry for Advanced Photoshop cover competition, which was featured inside the issue 65.

There was a Stockphoto from istockphoto given that must been included, so the portrait was my choice, all additional gears and Background was sculpted or used and based from my own Photographs, to create this composite.
Its nearly the same as putting 3-d renders over a videoclip kind of composing, except for the difference that its a still and not 16:9 😉


best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

Expressing a warrior looks very strong and brutal.

19. SC 1000

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

I intended to express a sorrowful SF programer girl. I used maya and photoshop, sss shader skin express .I work for the 45days.Please look at the hi-res image for a lager view of my work.

20. Meeting of the Spirits

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

an old painting I just reworked and finished finally the title is inspired by a concert of Paco de Lucia ,John McLaughlin and Larry Coryell cheers


best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

The Characters’ name is The Metagaia, and one of her abilities is to amplify light through the alien chlorophyl in her body and expel it as plasma at varying heats, varying concussive force, or a combo of the two. The manipulation of such allows her to amiably grow exotic plant life or destory entire planets depending on her whim and how much light she absorbs. Given her gentle nature and respect for life she prefers the former rather than the latter unless provoked.

22. Golem

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

Golem is an ancient hebrew name for a magical creature that is created from clay and earth, then brought to life through the use of kabbalistic incantations and prayers.
Throughout history , stories of the Golem have been known, in biblical literature, jewish folklore, and even into modern day film and literature, one of the most famous versions being Mary Shellys , Frankenstein.

23. Chandra

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

Chandra. Is in reference to chandra the hindu goddess of the moon, and fertility. and similar to other ancient mythological goddesses, such as Ishtar and Diana.

24. Felino Canino

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

Felino-Canino which in spanish it is roughly translated to mean “like a dog / like a cat” it’s a personal reference to how sometimes two opposing energies can often mutate, and meld, eventually beginning to transform, one into the other.

In many of our daily relationships we see this underlying phenomena. As human beings, it is our nature for us to sometimes become a product of our environment and sometimes visa versa, Felino-Canino refers to than in a human sense, whether it be our girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, or our co-workers. Sometimes, one dominate energy of another starts to be inherent in a less dominate opposing personality.

I started this piece in Photoshop with line and texture, then I brought it into Painter and finished it up there, then I brought i back into Photoshop for final refinement of color, levels, contrast, and copyright.
Often when I’m asked what my favorite is, I say this one.

25. Bio-Mechanic Allegory

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

26. Best Friends

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

This was another study based on a reference photograph (licensed from istockphoto) and in a way a tribute to my friend Serge Birault, whose best friends are also tentacles (what a coincidence

Actually I wanted to build the tentacle with Sculptris but ended up realizng that it is easier done painting directly in PS.
Had a fun time painting this, the tentacle is painted from scratch, the lighting and lower part of the girl is completely constructed upon the base and painted all over matching the realistic / comic style painting look.

27. Dragonwhisperer

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

28. King of the Hill

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

At the start of 2009 I decided to do a collection of comic, 80’s cartoon, and movie characters. I am using 3d as well as heavy photoshop work, about 50/50 if I were to break it down. This was the first piece that I created. I have created 9 different images so far and will continue to post them over the next few weeks. Here is my version of Venom. Hope you like…

29. Fairy of Lake

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

The picture described a fairy emerge from the lake and walk up to me.The waters are slowly fading from her body.
I’m a injured knight,fell off the lake.I thought I’ll die,fortunately the fairy save me!Her loftiness and commiserative eyes attract me deeply.I swear I’ll protect the lake with my life.

30. Darkness sulfure

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

This the second character from my darkness project, you’ll maybe notice many inspirations from avatar even if i tried to stick to my original idea.

31. Heccate

best Fantasy CG Artworks and Paintings

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