Ther Meterotic rise of Twitter [ Facts & Infographics]

Twitter officially launched in 2006 and started it’s meteoric growth around January 2009, so how’s everything tracking in 2011? Let’s take a look at who’s doing what and how much of it they’re doing in these updated Twitter stats for 2011. Since then Twitter has gained popularity worldwide and is estimated to have 225 million users, generating 65 million tweets a day and handling over 800,000 search queries per day. It is sometimes described as the “SMS of the Internet” and its 140 character limit keeps the messages short and simple.

On March 14th this year Twitter celebrated it’s 5th birthday. The first tweet was sent on March 21st in 2006 by Jack Dorsey (Twitter’s creator).

Tweets per second

According to Twitter, the record for the number of tweets per second (TPS) is 6,939, set at 4 seconds after midnight in Japan on New Year’s Day. This dwarfs the previous record of 456 TPS (on the day Michael Jackson died).

Tweets / Day 

  • In 2007 the average was 5,000 tweets per day.
  • In 2008 that had grown to 300,000.
  • In 2009 tweets per day averaged 2.5 million.
  • In 2010 that number was 35 million tweets per day.

In the month of March 2011 alone, 140 million tweets are being sent on average per day.

Update: As of  Sept 2011, users on Twitter are now averaging 220 million Tweets per day


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