Things To Remember Before Design Your Fathers Company Website

Things To Remember Before Design Your Fathers Company Website

What if your father start a new business and he want a new website to promote his business and want to start things in a proper way as the website is an essential part of any business now. Your father love his business because he love you and want to give you every comfort in life. If you are a web designer then you must be your fathers first priority and he will definitely try to have a website free of cost by his son or daughter. But if you are professional enough you wont let your father use your skills without any payment or some extra new gadgets, and its not a bad thing to consider your father as your client.

Now what are the things  to remember and how to plan  before start doing your fathers company web project in a loving and caring way so your relation with your dad will be more successful and the best.

Things To Remember Before Design Your Fathers Company Website

Wikipedia – The father-child relationship is the defining factor of the fatherhood role in life. A ‘Dad’ does not always have to be a child’s biological father. Some children refer to their stepfathers as dad. A Father is known as a man who exercises paternal care over other persons. Most fathers are naturally protective, supportive, and responsible and are able to provide a number of significant benefits to themselves, their communities, and their children. Involved fathers offer developmentally specific provisions to their sons and daughters throughout the life cycle and are impacted themselves by their doing so.

Now What are the Things to Remember

Now lets discuss some points  that how to start working with your father in a professional way so you can give your father a treat to watch website and have a good amount of desired money and love.

If You Are Good At Something, Never Do It For Free.

Its not only a joker’s quote, its a reality. Every body want to earn as you can’t live and survive without money these days. So why not to implement this reality on your father. Offer your skills according to the market rate and tell your father that your son is a professional web designer and want to earn by his or her own and want you to be proud on your child.

Talk to Your Mother if Your Father is a Bad Client.

Your Mother know many things about your father. As his wife he knows how to handle things and make a settlement with him, so he can help you a lot if your father make things complicated. You can also ask your mother to convince him with her loving nature for him and make things more easy for you.

Don’t Discuss The Project At Home

Make it more professional. Don’t discuss the project at home, don’t allow your father to change his plan again and again or to add things as the project details is already finalize. Discuss these things at his office or the internet through emails or the way you want. You discuss more, you make things more complicated for yourself.

No Need to Worry About Losing The Project

Your client is your father. He loves you and admire your skills, its OK if some times he disagree with you because the business and client process also involves in this matter. So there is no need to think that if your father not happy with your work or if you fail to meet the project deadline on time because this natural law of father and child will save you.

You are the Mirror of  Your Fathers Personality

There are many things already the same between you and your father. Many things you and your father dislike and like in a web design also because naturally you have many habits and personal thinking the same like your father. So this process of  similar thoughts and thinking will make things very easy for you achieve the website design like the way your father want.

Try to Find Your Fathers Ex Girlfriend or Colleague

Still things are not going like the way you want? Your mother is busy in some other work and not helping you to convince your father? Find her, the girlfriend of your father (If Any) or office colleague. She will have some secrets to tell you. He defiantly discuss the project with these people. So if you are facing any problem on some issue related to the project, these people can help you a lot.

Your Father is the only Client Who Loves You

Loving and caring, love for his son or daughter. He will forget and leave many things for you. Maybe he want you to make a design for his company just like you want. He want to be proud on you and want to tell this world that my child is truly a professional and skillful, your father is the master of disguise in a positive manner. Love him and his work. Create something special for him and if you get a chance, launch the website on fathers day and after all the professional and business matters and behaviors, tell him i want to hug you and where is my money? 🙂

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