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Significant Tips to use Google Search Properly and Effectively

Internet is full of information and Google is the best search engines of all time to search for information. Google crawls through a database of billions of pages over the web and gives you the best results according to your search. Sometimes, it may happen that you are something for something and get some other thing. This may not be the problem with search engine, but this will be a problem with your selection of the search term. So here are some tips to use Google search properly and effectively.

Tips to use Google Search Properly and Effectively1.1

Tips to use Google Search Properly and Effectively

Keep the search term simple

Tips to use Google Search Properly and Effectively1

You must keep your search term web friendly and simple so that your search should fetch you perfect results. You can start with two or three words to get number of solutions and pages for your search.

  • It you want to go precise, you can search for some basic terms that you want in the pages that appear after you search on Google
  • You can also increase the number of keywords and try to make it more precise and exact
  • For example: if you are searching for ‘which is the biggest country of the world’ then search for ‘biggest country of the world’.

Order of Keywords in search term

Tips to use Google Search Properly and Effectively2

This matters a lot. You need to type the keywords in your search term in exact order for what you are searching for. For example: If you are searching of ‘man eating tiger’ and you type ‘tiger eating man’ then surely you will get the results for ‘tiger eating men’ not for ‘man eating tiger’.

  • List the keywords in your search term in right order
  • Make sure that the keywords you enter should not have spelling mistakes

Skip the unnecessary parts in your search term

Tips to use Google Search Properly and Effectively3

If you are searching for something on Google, you should stick to the words rather than emphasizing on punctuation marks, case of the letters and other things. Google is wise enough to judge the things and give you the most exact results. You should not use:

  • Punctuation marks
  • Special characters
  • Upper and lower cases

While searching people

Tips to use Google Search Properly and Effectively4

If you are searching for people on Google who are popular or are your friends using Google networks then Google can ease your search. You just need to prefix the plus symbol or hash tag in the name of the person and them search it on Google. It will hopefully tell you about the friend, if he/she is on Google Networks or in your Social profile friend list.

Synonym Search

Tips to use Google Search Properly and Effectively5-vert

If you are not getting the good results from the keyword for which you are searching for even after making it exact and precise then you can do one thing- you can change the word and use synonym in place. Type your search query on Google search after replacing it with synonyms. Hopefully you will find the search term easily.

  • Just focus on the keyword and its synonym
  • While using synonym, if you don’t get results in using short phrases or keyword, try using long keywords with accurate terms to find relevant results

If you are searching for some city, you can also type the name of country or state

Tips to use Google Search Properly and Effectively6

Suppose if you are searching something about London and their two places with name London in different parts of the world, you can type the name of country or the state or territory to tell Google that what exactly you are looking for. This will give you more relevant results and you will be able to find most of the information describing your search term rather than getting the information that is irrelevant or not in use.

Site specific search

Tips to use Google Search Properly and Effectively7

Suppose you have seen something on a website and forget o bookmark it then you need not search for the number of pages on Google to find that link. You can simply type the phrase you are looking for and after the phrase you can type the name of the site. Most of the times it will give you exact results mentioning from the same website you are searching for.

Exclude unnecessary words

Tips to use Google Search Properly and Effectively8-vert

Suppose, you are looking for some information related to America. You type a keyword or phrase- ‘the best player of Football in America’, rather than searching for this phrase, you can search for simply search for ‘best football player America’.

  • It saves your time in writing the phrase an thinking it
  • It helps you to get exact results

These were some effective tips to help you out in easing you way to search on Google. You can follow these tips and make yourself comfortable in searching Google effectively.



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