Top 10 keys for magazine design

Each field in the design world has its challenges and its own procedures, and magazine design is no exception. Along across 10 tips to design your magazine became the leading magazine and readers familiar with.

1. Style Guides and Templates

In  magazine Design, the consistency from beginning to end is a must not only to create a brand, but also create affinity between one magazine and its readers. Termites relatives will create trust and loyalty, and ultimately will entice readers coming back for more. One of the biggest misperceptions in design style guides and templates is restricted while on the contrary, it opens up the door to creative solutions. Like in web design, the style guides, style sheets, and templates together to create a consistent and it allows for changes globally without a little trouble. Instead of viewing style guides and templates as these rules, think of them as templates to help save energy and time for the design of each page magazine.

2. The reader is first

Simple as that. You should learn about your audience as the tastes, age, profession … to make material for his work. Design what you love is one important thing, but you have to put you in the position of the audience you are targeting and if you are wondering, I have liked them or not?


3. Adroit seek inspiration

Working with the same style from this issue to some other newspaper can quickly dislodge creative energy out of you, and unfortunately, this is very likely to be present in your work. Something should bring appeal to readers in every magazine page they turn to, and to achieve it is your responsibility. When you no longer feel a little more inspiration, go to a newsstand and see that through a few other publications, or stroll through the art museum, or simply stroll somewhere. The design concept always around you so please always observe and take creative inspiration around. Many designers keep the documents carried the inspiration they gathered near the workplace as the pages torn from other magazines, works of art, postcards, photographs, greeting cards, the company construction, decoration patterns, Web pages …

4. Arrange magazine cover

Magazine cover can be somewhat sensitive and time-consuming issue of one magazine. Every magazine cover required to achieve some objectives. It must attract the attention while lying on the newsstand, to adhere print and postal code of rules, to appeal while still in the way of brand standards, and above all stand before the rigorous test of the editorial team and designers. Please use the method brainstorm, plan ahead, backup plan … or all 3


5. The editor is you

Employees of one magazine is clearly demarcated between the editorial staff and board design. However, ideas and better solutions often arise when these parts work together regularly. As a designer, you should familiarize yourself with the articles go into molds. You can also give a perspective or a new design method. But to be fair, you should be open to advice from the editorial team and work together to build a complete magazine. For most, this is the work of a team.

6. Typography and Entry Points

For a huge volume of letters in most magazines is how word processing and presentation is paramount. As a designer, you must be able to format the way in which the reader is provided information. With that, the site has many letters should be more concerned because you must provide the “entry points” to guide readers to easily browse through the magazine 1. As you can see in the example below, a page without any one image but still very attractive and attract attention by using grids, headlines, subheads, pull quotes, and drop caps. With many things in the computer system design is a key factor.


7. Lack of funding? Not a problem.

Budgets are being cut all over the world, and the publishing industry is not an exception. Fortunately, the stock-art website and share pictures like may help a little. If the illustration is an important part of the magazine, be promoted to create a good relationship with the illustrators. They are willing to negotiate if you are a regular customer and can provide you with an illustration stable. And when all else fails, please create what you need. Choose a topic directly relevant to the magazine and the freedom to work with it. This is where design work really proves its worth.

8. Design present in detail

Take time to examine the details of each journal site. The last step is editing the differences between a magazine and a newspaper professional amateurs. check and edit the details as alignment principles, word and picture frames overlap, spaces and line breaks have not been resolved, and the suitability of color (eg to ensure the black for the full review).

9. Get familiar with the printshop

The contact printing workshop will help you avoid some unexpected difficulties. One of the biggest mistake when designing the interior of the magazine’s first without regard to its neck portion. Depending on the size and how binding the magazine that important information is printed on the grooves of (parts in between two pages) as word or a hint that may be lost. Print shop can help you in this matter. You should also ask clear specification of the magazine finished products to ensure the high-resolution files are compatible with the system or not. This will save time and saving people the cost incurred by you.

10. The overall

Design a magazine to balance and organization as well as text and images in one page to be very harmonious. From ad space to the aesthetics of each category, the design requires a close look to the details and vice versa, the observers in a reasonable distance. The best magazine designers always consider each individual article, see if it fits with the whole magazine, and then view the magazine that matches how the publication. The end result should reflect cohesion, perseverance and your creativity.

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