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Top 10 Resources to Download Free High Quality Fonts


There are hundreds of resources available online for web designers but the free ones aren’t much. For your ease, here are the ten websites that contain a whole variety of high quality free fonts that can be used by any designer. The websites preview these fonts in your desired text. Many of these websites also give copyright information so you can use the fonts for commercial use. So, if you are a designer and you want download high quality fonts for free, check out the following 10 resources (image via shutterstock).

1. Font Cubes:

FontCubes is an exceptional resource for PC as well as Mac users. All the fonts available on this website are free. You can search them by latest, name, artist, etc.

2. Font Squirrel:

FontSquirrel contains a hundreds of free fonts that can be used for commercial as well as personal work. The website is visited by beginner as well as professional designers to download high quality fonts.

3. Search Free Fonts:

The collection of this website consists of a total of 13,000 free high quality fonts and more than 45,000 fonts for special commercial use. Every font there is of high quality and gives a professional look to your designs.

4. Font Space:

The font library consists of 8,992 free fonts. All these fonts have been categorized into more than 3000 categories for your ease.

5. Fawnt:

The website is really great to download free high quality fonts. There are thousands of fonts available at this website. You can preview the fonts in whatever text you want. Like DaFont or 1001 fonts, you do not have to pick one yourself from thousands of fonts. The website displays most popular fonts for your ease. Navigation on this website is very easy.

6. Simply The Best:

You get license details of each and every font that could be downloaded. A full page preview is also given of your desired text. The font library is best to download high quality fonts.

7. Fonts 500:

For commercial work, there aren’t much fonts but the available ones are enough to fulfill your font desires. The website gives an option of top 500 fonts on the internet. If you are willing to spend some money then they offer you 500 fonts for $2.77.

8. TypeNow :

TypeNow themed is a great website which gives a whole variety of themed fonts like for music, TV, movies, games etc. Sounds fun? Just visit the site and enjoy previewing even if you are not a web designer. If you really want to design something that is new, then use fonts from this website.

9. DaFont:

DaFont is an exceptional resource to download free and high quality fonts. Actually you have to sift through a lot of fonts to find your desired one. Well! It is true that it is quite difficult to find required high quality font but there is a whole variety of high quality of fonts also.

10. Type Depot:

Type depot is another exceptional resource for designers where they can download extraordinarily high quality fonts. You can see different previews of the fonts here.


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