Top 10 Tips and Tricks of Using Sublime Text

Top 10 Tips and Tricks of Using Sublime Text

Sublime text is a sophisticated cross platform text and source editor. Its API is Python based. Although it is not an open source but can be extended with the help of plugins. It comes with 22 different inbuilt themes and allows downloading more themes. As like any other software there is some tips and trick if used can help anyone to use sublime text to its maximum potential. Including all here is not feasible hence here are the top 10 tips & tricks of using sublime text at your disposal.


Use Column and Row Workspace Panes

If you are a power developer you can view multiples files at one time in adjacent panes on the window. This will reduce lot of switching between HTML and CSS files and hence saves lot of time and possibility of errors.


Moving lines up or down

Line switching is useful when you suddenly get ti know that the order of your code lines is incorrect. CTRL+SHIFT+UP moves the line-up and CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN will move the line down.


Multiple Selections

Multitasking saves lot of time. Sublime text allows making 10 changes at one time and you are saved from making one change 10 times. Multiple selection functionality makes it possible where you select multiple lines and manipulates all at one go.
Multiple Selection


Use ‘Ctrl + P’

This one is for Go to anything; it opens files with few keys and you can access any symbol, line or words. Partial file name can open a file, use “@” to jump to symbols, use “#” to search within the file, and use “:” to go to a line number.


Using Command Palette

Ctrl+Shift+P will take you to command palette using which you can rename new file, set file syntax, insert snippets, change indentation, sorting and change syntax and so on. You will never have to navigate through Menu when you have Command Palette with all the memory intact for you to perform the function you intend to.
Command Palette


Install Emmet

One should install some good package manager (Package Control) and then look for some real good plugins. Emmet is my favourite. It is a boon for coders. Lorem ipsum text used by developers quite frequently can be generated easily using Emmet.


Use ‘Ctrl + R’

The Goto feature help in locating any class and function you are looking for on that page. When this trick is used with Sublime’s instant file switching capabilities; this command even becomes more powerful.
Control and R


Multiple Cursors

Well you can type at multiple points simultaneously. Surprised? Don’t be simply mark the places by Ctrl + Mouse Click and do the changes required.


Enhance Sidebar

Plugin by name “SideBarEnhancements” once installed adds plethora of new features to the sidebar like Open in Finder, New File, and New Folder, Open With, and Open in Browser. What can be better than so many options handy?
Enhance Sidebar


Apply Distraction Free Mode

You need to concentrate when you do real hard work. To bring in focus distraction free mode setting is best. It is full screen, chrome free editing, with the text in the centre of the screen. Route for Distraction free mode is: View/Enter Distraction Free Mode menu.
Learning the keyboard shortcuts makes a sublime text user to an expert. Keep using the tricks and tips. Those who will learn most of the tricks will create best stuff easily. Use these mentioned tricks and find more. Keep Exploring, Keep Learning.

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