Top 10 Websites to Teach You the Perfect Approach to Coding

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IT industry has a major branch called software industry. Lot of people are involved in software development. Some are professionals working for companies and some learn the art of coding just for fun or self-help. I am software professional and have learned the art via proper channel of education in computers. But believe me coding is not that complex as it may look like to some of you who have not tasted it yet. For all of my friends who want to learn this art let me suggest you some online guidance available. In this post I am sharing my favourite top 10 websites to teach you the perfect approach to coding.

Khan Academy

They claim to work “for better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere” and have a wide range of subjects including maths, science, humanities, computer programming and so on. You sign-in via Google or FB account when you start. There is a very helpful dashboard which provides your skill learning progress too. Here under computer programming section you can learn, create and share your code. Also, learners can see code of other learners who shares their codes.

The “programming basics” has a simple format where learner reds the instructions and codes himself to learn the skill. Step by step learning here is helpful. There are communities and discussion sections where a learner can discuss their doubts and findings. Khan Academy provides videos where multilingual captions are available for most of the contents. This makes Khan Academy one of the global choices to learn coding.


Its format has curriculum of exercises which teaches the basics of coding. You will find several languages like (PHP, Jscript, Java, Python, Ruby and so on). Interface in text is provided to try and test the learned content. It is very basic and simple site which can teach you most of the stuff at surface.


Udacity believes learning as a lifelong experience. It has several courses available in maths, computer science etc. Its video tutorials included some intermediate quizzes which makes the learning more interesting and effective. Of course once you are done with the complete course, a certificate is your extra token you get apart from the learning.


The courses available here are more of project oriented rather than focussing on a particular language. Those new programmers who have some objective or target in their mind like they are thinking to build an app then they must visit this site. Like Udacity here also videos are tied with quizzes.
Tree House

Code Avengers

If you are looking for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript learning, this site should be checked. Courses are designed beautifully and help in easy but effective learning. For game lovers at the end of every lesson you get to play a game too which can make the learning more fun. It is for beginners and enlaced with fun activities. You can play with what you write and it is actually fun learning.
Code Avengers


Coursera was started by Stanford professors to offer online courses from myriad universities for free. You will find several good courses like “programming languages”, “web intelligence”, “Big data” etc. Here courses are college level and as they are real time courses the learners needs to spend a regular time to complete the course in time. It will give you a regular course learning feel which can be very good to learn the skill in minimum time.
Gift of Code

MIT courseware Online

We all know MIT as the pioneer in the field of MIT courses. The course for coding learners i.e. “computer science and programming class” is one of its best courses. There are video lectures, assignments and assessments. Being an MIT offered course it need good mathematical aptitude otherwise you may find it difficult to continue. Also the courses need full attention and efforts and you may find the course bit rigorous. Nothing good comes easily and the hard work is worth. Beginners may find it difficult but if you can do it then nothing can be more satisfactory.
MIT Open Courseware


It is a step ahead taken by MIT. It is a joint portal of the two big shots; MIT and Harvard. Again it may not easy to work on real time, rigorous courses but getting a physical certificate will definitely bring a smile on the learner face.

Google University Consortium

Earlier Google used to provide an online facility by name of Google code University but later it was scrapped. Though Google archived some of the courses and later started collaboration with others for the same purpose calling it Google University consortium. Course “Programming with Go” should be tried at least once.
University Consortium

Code School

This one is the paid one in my list of top 10. Code school believes in learning by trial. Different corporates, businesses can also signup for individuals or teams for the learnings. Accessing whole content by just paying a small fee monthly is not a bad idea.
Code School

I hope you will get that confidence after following these websites and take that plunge to start coding yourself. Best of Luck!

Written by Amit Tripathi

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