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Top 25+ Responsive WordPress Themes of this Season


Is responsive web designing the future?

Actually responsive web designing is a relatively new concept as far as technologies related to the web are concerned. The fact is today with so many devices apart from computers coming in has created a need for this. What a responsive design essentially means is a design that will look the same when viewed on a variety of screens like the normal desktop computers we use or laptops or on tablets or on Smartphones or even on phablets.

What will happen is the generated or the content of html will remain the same and the layout of the site will automatically adjust according to the screen size of the device you are viewing it on.

What are the advantages to this responsive web design?

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When a business goes in for the building up of a site, it is a lot of investment. By having a responsive design they are basically restricting their investment by making it a responsive site and saving on the costs that they would have to incur if they had to design for various devices. What happens is that the infrastructure required for the server and the software used will remain constant for the all devices in question. The content will also size itself for all the devices and remain the same, cutting down the necessity to write it differently for various devices.

What is the concept of responsive web design development?

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When it comes to the designing part, the design and development of responsive web design differs a lot from the way web page is developed traditionally. What happened is the designers are not really the concerned about the front end that will be used and they basically work on the creativity aspect. After the design stage the website is handed over to the developer. The developer would then slice the design into html and use it for Content Management Systems like WordPress or other html sites.

But when it comes to a responsive web design the workflow will differ. The design and development team will have to synchronize and work together to develop the site overall. It then becomes an effort for the whole team to work together and various things will go on a parallel basis. The right team is needed for the website to be developed without letting go of either the functionality or the creative aspects.

What is Future of Responsive Web Design?

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The future is that the websites are going to be viewed more often on devices like Smartphone. Which means that we have to consider that data plans for such devices will be more expensive than those used for other devices like computers, which means that viewing Smartphone will be more expensive. Of course when in a wireless kind of setup the Wi Fi connection can be used to view the site.

Another factor to be accounted for is the processor speed and RAM in Smartphones which are similar to that of desktop computers. It is common to find dual core processors in Smartphones.

The above points will tell you that responsive web design in the way to go in the future. It is actually a necessity not only for the sake of the site and the devices used but also in terms of what Google has updated in its latest updates emphasizing on responsive designs from the Search Engine Optimization point of view too. The thing is that you can also now find WordPress themes that have a responsive web design, which is something that many are looking for.

Free Responsive WordPress Themes


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Business lite

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Minimal Xpert

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Demo | Download



Demo | Download



Demo | Download



Demo | Download



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Demo |Download




Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

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Trim| Price: $39


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