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Top 5 Apps Design Trends 2015

Top 5 Apps Design Trends 2015

Today, like to introduce to readers 5 Apps web design trend most typical and can be applied throughout 2015.

Apps design trends may be influenced by many factors. Changes in hardware can alter interface design web applications in 2015. Some other trends can be influenced by mobile applications, because as of this moment has 88% of adults own a smartphone according to figures from Ofcom.


1. Big screen

The researcher IDC has said that sales of phones with larger screens will be up to 5 inches 209% in 2015.


Adobe’s Mobile Benchmark Report confirmed change the display interface of the mobile device’s new design trends in 2015.

This means nothing to the application design? It will change the way we use the equipment. According to research by Steven Hoober, most smartphone users to use the phone with one finger, they keep them in the far right corner. This is considered a universal approach to design marine UX on smartphones and tablets.

2. The breadth and depth

Two web design trends of 2014 is finally flat and minimalist design. And we also have an application in 2015. The objects on display smoother in many different styles. The depth of each object is also used clear and delicate.


An example of this trend is that the Google app. They look very smooth and there is compatibility between the width and depth, the information displayed on the site as a mobile object rather than a message on the screen sample.

3. Hide the menu

While some trends based on the response to the hardware, the others using the “hide the menu”.

The mobile application provides working space less than desktop and laptop computers, so the solution to this problem is hidden menu functions until it is needed.


The navigation bars, buttons on the interface will be hidden and we used when we “swipe through” it. This trend is the main purpose is to keep the screen from being cluttered. However, the hidden menu are also negative side is that they reduce the user’s navigation.

4. Personality and humor

4th design trends to include the design Apps compatible with many cultures.

They are copies of the humor, the dialog with bold colors, cheerful icons can cause you to smile to himself.

In addition, the application is designed in personality, showing characteristics of individual countries and regions.

5. Increased connectivity

Have to say, the path of development of a mobile device is all that the designer can not ignore. The applications are used more and more and bring connectivity with the surrounding environment.

GPS and Bluetooth – 2 applications will not only help us to know the position and enables the connection of devices to each other, but also help your application information and data holdings.


The use of proprietary software connection in your application, will give users more information about the venue, buy online … in wherever they want.

Above are five design trends in 2015. Featured Apps For your application to be useful, before designing the system designer should check the notice is installed in the device to ensure that applications do not not too much space in the device’s memory.

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