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Top 5 mobile web design trends 2015

Today, extend to you read 5 mobile trends typical web design 2015. Hope with the following knowledge will be useful for web design process or application on your mobile.

1. A subtle color palette

Subtle colors will help attract users and allow them to concentrate on the content of the website. Subtle color palette will be replaced for the bold and colorful palette with high contrast, such as the color red is considered hot however being taken to the palette it will “warm” up naturally. This will make the plane more optimal design and interactive elements are more subtle colors by being put into mobile interface.


2. Factor moving

Create conditions for a more interactive element is considered a new trend for mobile applications are increasingly being extended. So these factors are included in the design dynamic mobile nothing too surprising.

Instead of just using to highlight the application than the competitors, you can use these elements with many more functions and effects. Animation is used to guide the user to have a pleasant experience and efficiency. Implement strictly the user experiences will have time to decipher what was interacting and what was displayed.

With animation, mobile design to a detailed approach to reality to suit the user’s behavior. Hopefully with the use of animation for applications will bring highly entertaining for users, reach the right target audience.

3. rolls round  (more Scrolling)
Scrolling is one of the most common features used in mobile devices. Parallax scrolling will enable more interactive animations in mobile design. With traditional design is flat and one-dimensional, the implementation of parallax will add depth to the mobile design, something we have not experienced before.


4. Tell the story

The addition of some new effects for mobile design also means that you can tell a story in a new form. Design Mobile will stop based on your actual narrative, the story will take on the role interacting more drips.

As noted initially designed mobile is seeking to stimulate and control the interaction focused on the UX and UI. This means that you should consider these factors used to make the user become a “character” in the “story”.

The outline of the story interactive been used to create provocative experiences, but it will act as a tool to convert more with action standards. You can see the animation used hand-in-hand with many factors that helped bring these stories to life.

5. fuzzy Backgrounds

Certainly this trend already in web design, but it is being applied more and more for mobile applications. Blur effects used in mobile design not only created the visual design, but also focus on the important elements. The secret of this is to retain readable copies. It can make “action button” become more prominent.


Using fuzzy image in the user interface will give the ability to see what can interact, what not. Hopefully with the background blurred call to action buttons will be bolder design to highlight them on the mobile interface.

Above are five trends typical mobile web design, there are many other trends that have not been put on the list, but no matter by what means we can not deny that design is increasingly important mobile disign to bring a better experience for users.

hope this article will help you, thanks!



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