Top 5 Tools for Analyzing a Website


You can’t know about your website’s insight unless you use a good website analyzing tool. There are hundreds of tools and websites out there which help you in getting all the data about your website’s traffic. So, if you are looking for a good website analyticator, then take a look at these following five image via shutterstock:

1. Crazy Egg:

Crazy Eggs website tools

Crazy egg is a great site where you get to know all the tips, tricks and secrets about your website. It is a paid website analyzing tool. The main function of this tool is to create a heat map of your website. Another exceptional function is that the site let’s you know at what areas in your site, users click the most. Heat map shows the main areas of a specific website’s page. You can enjoy a 30 days free trial after choosing your package. The site also gives you clicks history so that you can know where the clicks are coming from. Overall, Crazy egg is one of the best website analyzing tools online. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, just go and choose your package.

2. Woorank:


In my opinion, Woorank is the best free website analyzing tool. Someone suggested me this tool and I use it regularly. Just enter your domain name and Woorank will give you all the necessary information about your website.
Woorank is free if you use it once a week. However, for more in depth analysis of your website, you need to purchase a plan. The website is perfect for newbies for analyzing their site. It also provides some tips for improving site SEO and traffic. The website gives a preview of how your website looks on iPhone, iPad or any other mobile device. You get to know overall rating of your website through Woorank. It is a perfect tool to know every important thing about your site.

3. Google Analytics:


The actual thing is that “On internet world, Google is the god and websites are his slaves”. Every site tries to comply with Google’s rules and tries to make it happy. Google Analytics is a tool by Google. So, you definitely need to get it because thousands of bloggers are not fools.
Google Analytics is another great and free tool which gives you in-depth review of your site’s traffic. It has uncountable features. So, if you haven’t activated it yet, then go and sign up to Google services.

4. Piwik:


Basically, Piwik is an open-source software. It isn’t a website or an online website analyticator. You actually have to download it. It’s interface is pretty simple. The software offers several options and is used by many popular bloggers. You get a dashboard after downloading and you can analyze your whole site there. You don’t have to subscribe to plans. It is totally free.

5. Qualaroo:


KISSinsights is based on feedback system. The tool shows a question at the bottom of your website. The free version of KISSinsights allow only 30 questions. It gives you a dashboard and you manage all the questions there. The aim of this tool is to give good insights through feedback.



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