Top Ten Best Gaming Laptops 2015

Today, we all are very excited for buying laptops and latest high – tech gadgets. But, do we all actually know what Gaming laptops are? What are their salient features? A Gaming laptop looks like a small personal computer and is basically used for playing games. It can also be used for multiple purposes. In looks, gaming laptops are quite conservative than other traditional computers. Their high-tech look includes – bright and smart colors, large icons and metallic finishes.


  • One of the major benefits of having these types of laptops is that they are portable.
  • They have best, latest and quickest graphics, high CPU speed.

When you are buying a laptop only for the purpose of gaming make sure to check its graphics card. RAM is also the crucial factor to keep in mind when you are looking the laptop for gaming.The game developers are creating a number of high quality iOS games and iOS apps for the iOS users. People having iOS handsets can now play some of the best iOS games on their handsets.

Top Ten Best Gaming Laptops 2015

MSI GS70 stealth

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The GS70 is 22mm thick in size and very different from an Ultra book.
Instead of being heavy and bulky, it’s still one of the best looking laptop of 2015.

Due to its superb design and high Intel processor the GS70 is not cheap, but still it’s the first choice of most of the people.

Origin EON17-S

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In this high completion of excellent gaming laptops, the Origin EON17-S is still a superior option to choose. The price of EON17-S is really high, but people who are fond of latest laptops are more likely to choose EON17-S as their best laptop for gaming purposes. No other laptop can provide the service and support the way the Origin gives you.

Alien ware 17

Alienware 17 Notebooks - Beauty

The alien ware 17 is one of the best gaming laptops of 2015. It has many powerful components and has a sharp, soft – touch and metallic build. By just one click you can easily get into the gaming world with many new conceptual options.

This laptop gives you the complete package and adds lots of shine and glamour to your gaming.Games are always fun to play, whether on big screen or small screen. Most of the people around the world love to play action games.So, here is the list of best action games for iPhone that you must try at least once. You will definitely find them interesting.

Razer Blade 14

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This is the best of the best thin gaming laptop anywhere in the world. It is a 4 star and high in price laptop.

  • The battery life of Razor blade 14 is Ultra long and a fantastic large screen with better newly-designed graphics.
  • It’s the excellent choice if you are looking a laptop with a high range of graphics.

Lenovo Y50 Touch 4K

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This is the best easily portable gaming laptop ever. The resolution size of this laptop is low as compared to other laptops, so you can’t play most of your games to high resolution. This laptop has a sharp 4K display screen, so whatever matter you write will look better and absolutely stunning.

Asus ROG G751JY-DH71

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This laptop has all latest features and GPU options a laptop gamer always looking for. The very special feature of G751 is that it has 1080p display and up to 32 GB of RAM size. This small notebook can lasts for maximum 6 hours and has a good appealing power.

Origin EON17-SLX

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You can play any latest game you want with the highest settings on this notebook.

  • It is from one of the top ten best gaming laptops of 2015.
  • It has 1080p display and even beyond that.

We know that gaming laptop world is all about latest modernized features, speed and excellent power, so to prove this all components together we have Origin EON17-SLX just for you.

AVADirect Clevo P157SM-A

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The size of the laptop is relatively small from others and the price for the hardware is unbelievable. It has a small screen and luster less speakers which are the top most priorities for any gaming laptop.

Gigabyte P34G

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This laptop is neither luxurious in looks and nor long – lasting. Its build is also not good enough and is relatively low in price from others. The Gigabyte P34G is amazing just for portable. People also love to play different Android games as playing a game regularly gives very much boredom. Here we are given a list of top 20 best Android games which can be easily downloadable and are very much exciting too.

Razer Blade

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The outstanding feature of the razer blade is that it turns the normal blade’s touchpad into the full functioning screen in just few seconds to watch the videos on YouTube, check your e – mail and for experiencing new gaming options.

Basically there are four important aspects for any gaming laptop to reach new heights such as

  • Screen size,
  • Operating system,
  • Graphics card and

Among so many gaming laptops, now you have top ten best gaming laptops of 2015, so choose wisely as to select what. You are free to select laptop of your own choice. Apart from RAM, battery back – up and hard disk speed, graphics card should also be taken into consideration to play games with latest visual effects and with higher settings.




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