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Trends design restaurant website in the 2015

Trends design restaurant website in the 2015

Not just web design for companies or businesses that in the restaurant or cafe has also been building websites for their brands.


What really do we need from a web page to design the restaurant? Once we step into a site of some cafe or restaurant, the first thing we started searching the menu. Luckily, most of the restaurant managed to improve their online menu by substituting download PDF files with Web alternatives that are more user-friendly. The next thing is to see / read specials and including social promotion (eg especially Twitter, Facebook promotion, etc.). That is a big advantage of any restaurant if they have online booking system. It’s really quick and easy to book a table at home or at work, or while you are on the go with your mobile phone. Hours of operation, contact information and address (preferably with links to Google Maps) is the essential information of online visitors are expecting to find on the site.

If creating and using effective, web design can be a huge benefit to businesses restaurants. Although the restaurant industry often have a lot of bad sites, we will demonstrate that it is not entirely accurate. Many restaurant managers to create a truly memorable site dedicated to providing all the valuable information in the most attractive way and welcome.

In this article, we take a look at the website of the restaurant industry and try to unravel their general trends and how these trends can better serve them. Further below you will find a collection of attractive website that attacks with image quality “good” and perfect design.

Modern popular trend on site Cafe & Restaurant

What makes a coffee shop and restaurant great website? In the search for answers for us to look through dozens of fascinating sites from this industry and find some common characteristics.

Visually appealing & Full screen

Photography is a powerful tool. And it is virtually impossible to find a restaurant website without decorated with pictures. Almost every restaurant web design using images of food in many different ways to put the focus on their services, special offers, etc. Some restaurants or cafes like large high quality image to dominate their sites. Whether it is a complete platform or in a slideshow, the image plays a huge role in attracting visitors and arouse an overwhelming desire to taste the dish.


Here is one vivid example of web design restaurant features attractive images that simply mesmerize guests.


Like many other restaurant sites, mainly based on full-screen photography. It makes the design neat and memorable fashion.

Like many other restaurant sites, mainly based on full-screen photography. It makes the design neat and memorable fashion.

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