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Typography in Motion. Stunning & Creative Videos

Typography Videos

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Type glyphs are created and modified using a variety of illustration  techniques. What effects can be achieved if typography is set in motion? What happens if letters are suddenly floating, jumping and dancing around while sentences are actually interacting with the readers? We gather some great and worth watching motion typography videos for you inspiration. So lets have a look on Typography in motion. stunning & creative videos.

Typography Landscape from idnworld on Vimeo.

Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.

Kinetics : HD Typography motion graphics from Nicholas Schrunk on Vimeo.

The Ten Commandments – motion (kinetic) typography from Vit Ryznar on Vimeo.

New York Times: Turkish Edition from Quba Michalski on Vimeo.

Dinge geregelt kriegen (Getting Things Done) – Booktrailer from Marko Thorhauer on Vimeo.

Typoelements 2010 from Chris Kim on Vimeo.

Typography On My Mind from FormTroopers on Vimeo.


Motion typography in the cinema is a prime source of inspiration and expertize for web design, especially when it comes to balancing and integrating text, image and sound. Web designers can learn much from the ways film directors like Jean-Luc Godard or Jacques Tati employed text and sound, not as a mere illustrative accessory to the image, but as a parallel level of communicating and emphasizing the contents of their films. Tati, for instance, frequently used sound to focus the viewer’s attention on a specific spot in a visually dense scene, or to add his own ironic commentary to otherwise perfectly normal actions – the audio equivalents of such typographic accentuations as underlining or italicization.

DJ shadow – The Outsider (Typographic animation) from remote on Vimeo.

Typography: Dedicated from Anh Minh on Vimeo.

The Cigarette Is Dead from FL2 Interactive on Vimeo.

Fight Club Intonation Typography from Craig Chupinsky on Vimeo.

WriteNow2010 // TypeAnimation from Sander Brouwer on Vimeo.

Those Who Are Dead from Jesse Post on Vimeo.

Promotional Intro Polylux from Sebastian Lange on Vimeo.

Metem – “Despite of Opinions” EP Promo from ilovecut on Vimeo.

Prime Focus Intro from Faye Brown on Vimeo.

Kinetic Type – Jezebel by Recoil from caelin cacciatore on Vimeo.

Lojas Benoit Inauguração – Typography from i9 video design on Vimeo.

Chamada Evento 2000inove from fred.freire on Vimeo.

Typography Landscape from idnworld on Vimeo.

Beyond the often misused employment of a background beat in a lot of cool websites, sound can be applied in typographic ways, becoming the audible equivalent of punctuation marks. Small sounds can confirm users’ actions, alert them to options and alternatives, enhance hierarchies within the content (bold, regular or light sounds, to use the terminology of typographic styles), or add a spoken layer to the visual information. Converging media combined with interaction and feedback provoke new interpretations of moving type and new functions for animated typography and typographic sound on the web. The typography of interaction that is implied here is only in its infancy, but the fusion of type, image, sound and interface in a time-based environment opens exciting possibilities for designers and users.

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